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23 October 2016

Thank You, Mr. President Barack Obama

It's time you claim your abundance now.

Thank You, President 
Barack Hussein Obama,

Mr. President, because of your executive order of about a year ago I had a burden that I have unjustly had to live with for thirty years now.

Your actions have given me (Albert Torcaso) and Annette Mendel 

Real Freedom a real chance at Freedom and being able to have a full life and frankly to move forward and one day live our reality, our American Dream.

No other President in thirty years helped us with such a law of the land and you have helped millions of Americans with this order so again, Mr. President Obama, I and Annette Mendel thank you.

Albert Torcaso

American People as a Fellow American, I ask each of you to hear this video and to understand how you matter to President Obama.

As well as  how important you are to Secretary Hillary Clinton she cares about you so much that even those who don't vote for her she will do all that she can to help you and your family.

President Barack Obama and 

Secretary Hillary Clinton really care about All Americans.

I ask you to Get Out The Vote, Volunteer To Make Calls, Knock On Doors and Make Sure That Hillary Clinton is voted in as The President Elect On Tuesday Nov-8-2016.

Inaugurated January 20th 2017

She will also be a Great President like President Barack Obama
has been for Our Great nation.

Albert Torcaso

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