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13 October 2016

You Can't Have Both Be True

It's time you claim your abundance now.

You, Don't Love God

I am so sick of people claiming to be a person of faith and or a man or woman of 
God, yet acting as if they were evil itself.

It is high time a person speaks out and I am such a person. 

Whereas most would think of personal, professional, self preservation I won't put me before my God, my family or my nation.

Those who choose to act as if truth is not truth shall reap what they sow. 

They shall face the judgement not of me, but of 
The Lord Thy God.

There is but one answer and to deny it is to deny God. 

I say again You, Don't Love God if you do not act accordingly.

Can YOU Accept It

He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone. 

I am not without sin to be sure, but I shall not be guilty of what you may do.

Be wise and do not place so many souls in harms way.

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