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24 October 2016

Your Daughters Wife Or Girlfriend

 Your Daughters Wife Or Girlfriend

It's time you claim your abundance now.

Just think of what is said and think how you would react if it were your wife, girlfriend or daughter.

Why am I so much for President Hillary Clinton​?

Because Trump could well let his ego start a war with another nation and cause a

Nuclear War.

And Because he is the bad aspects of humanity and we as a nation saw even more of that on Monday 9-27-2016.

I say again you claim yourself a person of faith yet, plan on voting for Trump.

You Ma'am, You Sir
, you are in no way a person of faith. For if he causes a WAR with a Nuclear Capable Nation and the World is BLOWN to bits!

You and each voter of Trump will be Guilty Of Causing
The Lord Thy God's Creation to be Destroyed.

Trump is bad for America on so many levels, but it is indeed the
Nuclear Weapons Issue that TRUMP'S All Other Issues

Facing America For If There is No World Left Then Nothing else Matters.

God Bless America. Let Hillary Clinton lead this Great Nation into a Prosperity no other President was able to achieve as of this time in American History. 

She Will Make History For All Americans And Improve Our Lives From Policy To Education.

Send her a Democratic Majority Senate and House. 

Let Only Moderate Republicans, Liberal Republicans, Moderate Democrats, Liberal Democrats Win Seats in the U.S. Congress and throw out all Conservatives of the Democratic And Republican Parties.

We, The People Of The United States Of America.

Must Finally Be Put First and We Must have All Americans Prosper By Outlawing All Lobbyists From All Sides!

I am no Mouthpiece or would I have these links here?

Wake Up America, before we all regret it!
Vote For Hillary R. Clinton She Won't Cause A NUCLEAR WAR!
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