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21 May 2016

No Time For Losing

No Time For Losing

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

There is real Power In Truth And In Honor Become Part Of A Program. 

A Business Of Honor.

I am Albert Torcaso and I am in many businesses that once we learn the skill sets we will end up gaining our freedom in every true sense of the word.

Take time today to have your first step to becoming free from time and financial slavery.

It is time that you start doing everything you

need to succeed so start the many tasks need
ed to succeed and win.

All of the above links can well become the start of your succeeding online.

Is it easy? Some aspects of it is yes, but you will have a learning curve.

Once you learn it just like everything you have ever learned it becomes easy.

It becomes routine.

What happens when you finally learn how to apply these tasks?

You start earning an income from home or anywhere on earth that you may be.

What really happens when you learn this?

You become free of any job, free from time away from whom or what you love.

Yes, indeed when you learn and apply these skills you win!

You win your freedom!

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

Spontaneous Combustion

Launch now and Win Once You Learn And Apply What You Learned.

Spontaneous Combustion Free Information.

Launch now and Win Once You 

Learn And Apply What You Learned.

A Mirror Exploded

We were just driving around the city and on a small street coasting about five miles an hour our right side mirror exploded!

No bumping of anything, no hot or cold day. 

No real reason for it to explode at all

Shocking I know, but true!

It was in fact Spontaneous Combustion and very frightening.


A Billion Children Suffer
I won't lay, sit, crawl, walk jog, run or STAND BY!

And not help as many lives as possible that my LONG WINDED BIG MOUTH MAY HELP!

There are nearly one Billion yes a billion children on this planet suffering in the P- WORD!

A Billion Children that have little or no food, lifesaving medicines and or medical treatment for illness.

Education is little to none.

Therefore I will be RICH!
Go, watch and think about love.

I will be the man who uses his businesses to earn and help others do the same so to be honest if people want to pass up a chance at a lifetime then that is sad.

But I know what my streaming business is and what it is not.


Join me in a WAR  to bring abundance to this world.


Albert Torcaso

Get into Phoenix Power Rising At No Cost Until May 31st 2016

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.




Fear No Evil.

God Is Good.

God Is Goodness.

God Is With You.

Believe In God.

Fear No Evil.

Fear Nothing.

There indeed is a reason that you have never launched any of your businesses with me or have had the confidence to come into any business with me.

Let me be clear it is because with work we will succeed greatly and evil as well as some people don't want that as it would affect them and their control over us.

We have already won! 

You only need see through the illusions my friends.

Our great days of success are here let us claim them now!

Go to Humanity Matters Dot Org click on the banner and launch your business today. 

Be sure to look for Al Torcaso as your sponsor.

Will you let Evil defeat you? 

Will you let the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, 

The Evil one defeat you?

Or will you win?

WIN! Go Join Now.
Albert Torcaso

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

A Change For The Better.

VS2 Media Center

You are about to see and read about changes I have and will always be making it is because when we decide to win and help others to win as well we must learn many things easy and hard.

We must read, write, research, gather new skill sets, new friends and so many new things and in fact we must never stop learning and doing new and some of the old things that make us who we are.

I am learning many easy and hard things that must be done to succeed as a talk show host in transition for the national scene as well as a network marketer.

This is what you must understand all that I have done and all that  I will do is for our success. Yes, our success yours as well as mine.

Does those words seem odd to you? I expect they do because you may be asking yourself what's in it for him?

Truth? Our success as well as all of us gaining that tool called money and being able to teach others to do what we do and to also gain the tool called money.

Yes, a bit of the Laws Of Attraction I suspect are are afoot. 

Though I'll confess at this point one has not read, listened to or researched them as of yet. I will give me time I will.

Still my guess is what I am doing is a bit of the Laws Of Attraction as well as Paying It Forward.

This being the case this blog will be undergoing a massive change and I will do my best to post content here three or more times a week.

That said I being a talk show host as well as a network marketer and an owner of the VS2 Media Center Streaming Device.

I will explain how you can both save and earn money from owning such a device.

I will also introduce you to many new products, services and streams of earning additional income.

The VS2 Media Center many features that others do not have and if you will click on the link you will see a chart that will show you what we have compared  to what other streaming devices as well as cable has.

We have one very big extra feature you can earn an additional income by people buying units from you as well you becoming a distributor and people launching their business with you as a sponsor.

Time to learn and earn an income worth talking about.

The question is are you going to allow the obstacle to overcome you or are you going to overcome the obstacle? 
Albert Torcaso 

Copyright © 2004 - 2015 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved 

VS2 Media Center

EPISODE 625 - 300.00 Dollars At Risk' From 'Humanity Matters Podcast'

EPISODE 625 - 300.00 Dollars At Risk

There Is Three Hundred Dollars At Risk.

Phoenix Power Rising Join Now is getting ready to launch on June 1st 2016 until then they are gifting people into the company and you can earn money with No Sponsoring and you don't have to cycle to earn.

There Is a way for you to complete level one and you would earn 300.00 dollars now the person who gifted you in at no fee would get their 120.00 dollars back so you would end up making the 180.00 the first time you cycle through level one.

There are three levels the great thing is that you always recycle automatically and remember, this company has access to over three hundred thousand discounts on services and products so this is going to be very big.

Get in.

Yes, I am still in my other four businesses and in due time one may have hundreds or thousands of streams of income. Why not? Think of a big box store or any grocery store each item, each brand is another stream of income everything, every service is another stream of income.

Let us also start having thousands of streams of income and let us start today.

Join me today in Phoenix Power Rising Join Now.

There Is Three Hundred Dollars At Risk Don't Lose Out.

You need to visit these sites and you must take action today so that very soon you will have more income in your pocket.

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

Audio Recording: 'EPISODE 619 - Let's Win Now! Deadline 5-31-2016!' From 'Humanity Matters Podcast'

EPISODE 619 - 

Let's Win Now! Deadline 

This post is about you, it is about you winning.

Let's Win Now, is the title for a very good reason and it is time you invest the time to hear this and start taking the actions today and to be honest even if you don't know how to do a thing online or in any type of business you must now start learning because the time is right for you to win.

The Time Is Right For You not to have to worry about being fired from your job. 

The Time Is Right For You to not fear about being laid off. 

The Time Is Right For You never again to have to worry about when you will have the tool called money again.

The Time Is Right For You to be able to be home for your family when they need you.

The Time Is Right For You to be able to shop for the clothes or food that you need and want.

The Time Is Right For You to have a vacation when you really need one without needing permission from a job or a boss to go on that vacation.

The Time Is Right For You to be able to work how and when you like anywhere on earth that has internet access.

The Time Is Right For You to be able to be earning income anywhere and anytime even when you're asleep.

The Time Is Right For You to know that even if you don't believe other people are living this way and it is their reality the fact is that indeed they are and many of them are becoming millionaires while you are struggling to keep your job, get a raise or keep up with your bills.

The Time Is Right For You to join me in one of my businesses and this one is being gifted to you until 5-31-2016.

The Time Is Right For You to click here right now to launch into your brand new life!

The Time Is Right For You to have that abundant life you deserve.

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

18 May 2016

How To Become Free

How To Become Free

This entire episode is about you and how we can help you become free as well as how we can help ourselves become free.

Annette Mendel and Michael McCutcheon ask Tim Miller some very interesting questions.

We could not direct you to what we were speaking about in this episode, but here online and or through the mobile web we can.

You must visit these web sites as a start. Be sure to become a member then get ready to take your first steps at becoming free.

Do not only read what I have written here to decide to watch or not to watch because not watching will cause you not to be able to learn how you can have a more abundant life.

Let the tool called money no longer enslave you, let the tool called money no longer enslave a soul.
First you must learn how to become free then you must teach it to others and we shall all overcome. Just like Martin Luther King has dreamed of happening.

Let us honor Martin Luther King and others who have dreamed of a free nation and world, let all of us become free.

These links as well as others will help you to finally Become FREE!


Get in to this as well, but do it by May 26th 2016 and have a great start at earning money and learning everything you need to know to succeed.

When you join any of the links I place in my post be sure to look for Al Torcaso as your sponsor in all of them unless I tell you otherwise.

I am here to see all of us succeed now start getting in and winning.

Tim Miller's system and this one combined can be the start of astounding success so take the needed actions right this second.

Right now join both of these programs and start doing the steps asked of you. The Phoenix Rising is free for a very limited time join that one this very second.

And join AIOP the other link because Tim and the team teaches all you need to know to really succeed.


This is free until for now get in today.

Get the platform that will have you receive all the tools you need to succeed and they also teach you how to use them.

Time for you to become free. 

Above the posts you will see a banner my advice is click it and get in today while it is free to join and to earn.

Albert Torcaso

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

09 May 2016

Just The Facts Ma'am, Just The Facts Sir, Just The Facts America

Just The Facts Ma'am, 

Just The Facts 


Just The Facts America.

Like Him, Her Or Not. 

America's Next President Hillary Clinton​ Coming 1-20-2017.

Like President Bill Clinton​ or not. 

He left America great jobs, prosperity, fuel , gasoline under 2.00 dollars a gallon. 

Way under. And a Trillion Dollars Surplus.

All facts.

Most Americans have common sense, work hard, care about family, friends, community are Patriotic and would defend hers still today.

Most Americans want our friends, family, community, strangers and our nation to have a prosperity that we have yet to imagine.

Most Americans will see through the deceit of Real Donald Trump for President​  @realDonaldTrump  

Most Americans will look at the history of America and finally see that under democratic Presidents and democratic Congresses we have prospered greatly.

Those who would say I am partisan I would say you are confused I am a Patriot. 

However, Karl Rove a man who someone on his staff or Mr. Rove himself Follow my Albert Torcaso Twitter feed. Mr. Karl Rove once said as follows. 

When appropriate I will be partisan. Karl Rove.

However, Though Indeed I may sound partisan in point of fact I am being  patriotic. 

I shall remind my fellow Americans who vote for republicans and who believe that indeed republicans are conservative that in fact it is republican administrations as well as republican led Congresses that have increased our debts the most.

(D)  President William Jefferson Clinton.
Left office One Trillion Dollars Surplus. No recession, prosperity, low unemployment.

(R) President George H. Bush Used all of the one Trillion Dollars on WARS Iraq, Afghanistan.

Major tax Cuts for the highest income earners of America.

During his administration  Wall Street, Banks, Housing Market Meltdown, Recession and added over Seven Trillion Dollars in Debt. 

As well as some of the highest unemployment in the History Of The United States Of America. 

(D) President Obama​ Has created policies that has brought us out of the recession for the most part.

Wall Street has had record gains during his Presidency.

Fuel has dropped below  2.00 a gallon in most states.

Until late March 2016 still lower than it was a year ago and over 1.80 cents lower when most states saw four dollars  some even more than five dollars at it's peak.

The automobile industry has been bailed out agree with the bail outs or not.

America's main automobile makers have finally gained respect and started to profit once more.

Unemployment the lowest since the recession! 

Go to your library, Lycos search engine, other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or Google. 

Look up key words such as the economics and prosperity under republican and democratic Presidents And Congresses. 

Want Truth Justice And The Humanity Way? Tune In Brothers And Sisters! 

Tune In Tell Us Your Stories And Testify!

Taxes started under a republican President and that Sir, Ma'am is a fact.

In truth Most Americans 75% are living pay check to pay check or the loss of just two pay check cycles would harm them greatly.

Truth democratic policies of Democratic Presidents and or a Democratic controlled Congress allows for the greatest number of Americans to increase their wealth.

Truth the republicans have cost us Trillions Of Dollars In Debt. Fact!

They May Talk, Deceive And Convince The American People Of Their Lies. But Most Americans Who Choose To Know The Truth And Who Earn Less Than 50,000 dollars Will Always Choose To Vote For  Independents and Democrats.

Your income is less and you vote republican? Why? Because of hot button issues?

You should vote only on your best financial interest.


You need a career or business to really have a retirement in any nation including The United States Of America.

Be a person have an abortion, be married and LGBT

A few truths

Get there, get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

07 May 2016

Lied To Disrespected And Money Paid For Nothing!

I could yell and scream at @Verizon right about now, but I am a man, person of integrity, respect, loyalty and fairness, yet I have been hung up on, lied to, told my computer is slow when it is not.
I have had my computer checked over by a computer expert.
I have had techs look me in the face and being as nice as possible acted like deer in the headlights and frankly like a machine that can't hear or see you.
Or one without the ability to think!
Today May 7th 2016 yet another group of so called techs come to my home and run a few tests.
They determine that my computer can't use and or is not using the wired ethernet connection.
Meanwhile, it is the only way we have had any internet connection in our home!
True, it did not for some odd reason work at the outside terminal.
Yet, it has worked since we had Verizon these last three years.
Now, mind you just ten minutes before leaving, rather almost leaving
My home I had been online!
Even more INSANE THE tech on the phone tells me that they are sending the techs Sunday May 8th 2016.
And I tell him they are here right now he says to me it's not them they are not coming to my home until Sunday May 8th 2016!
Well. they park a few doors up so I figure I'd go and ask.
Sure enough they came today.
The guy on the phone kept arguing with us that they were not there!
How does a company that is a telecommunications company not communicate with their own employees?
Had we left due to the person on the phone being unaware of what was going on had we left.
Then we would have heard we missed the appointment.
Verizon staff, employees get your act together and fix my speed connection issues.
This has gone on long enough!
Things Albert Torcaso and Annette Mendel will do if @Verizon And Verizon's employees, agents, subcontractors, do not fix this issue or refund full payment dating back to Jan -2016.
We will take this matter to the State and Federal Attorney's General and research to whom we can contact on reporting Verizon to other government authorities if need be.
Had we dumped Verizon in Jan 2016 we could have used the 1,000 dollars we paid them in those five months to save
Lashona Moon Torcaso and Precious Pumpkin Torcaso could right now be receiving treatment.
For Lashona Moon Torcaso's Cancer and finding out what is going on with her. Does she have Cancer?
We Don't know!
Why because each month we paid Verizon a bill that is not warranted and for which we have not received said services which are to be Download speeds of 150 Mpbs Uploads 150 Mbps
when using the wired (Ethernet) connection.
Which at time of this FaceBook, Twitter Posting we still do not receive.
150 / 150 MBPS
The uppercase tests is due to many contracts, both on or offline have uppercase letters (text)
In closing if you, Verizon ‪#‎Verizon‬ #Verizon# @Verizon think that we are going to pay you another two hundred 200.00 dollars for May 2016 you are grossly mistaken.
Get the job done and refund us or expect to see the government contacting you on our behalf.
Albert Torcaso


The CEO Of Verizon Will Be Receiving My Real (Snail Mail) Letter, An E-mail A Video Message And Three Videos!!! Why?

I have been paying Verizon Fios many months for 150 Mbps Downloads / Uploads and my test results well they have not even reached 80 Mbps at all. Why the CEO? 

You really don't want an hour long video explaining all the things and lies that we Annette Mendel, Albert Torcaso​ have had to deal with do you?

First of all when we resubscribed to Verizon I told the rep no bills over 150.00 dollars a month and that must include any and all fees and taxes.

He agreed, we have never seen any bills with that amount or lower in more than three years!

Why write him and why now? 

Well, when we found out two weeks ago that Verizon has made hundreds of dollars for services they are not providing and the fact that they breached contract agreements, requirements for three years as well as all the lying. 

tough and HARD I just said it's time Albert Torcaso​ fight for his family, himself just as he has for many people/

Time for fairness, justice, and a REFUND! You will Hear Me Now Verizon Oh, You Better Believe You Will Hear Me!!



Fix this for me and all customers that you have wronged!!!

Albert Torcaso 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

03 May 2016

Tune In And Really WIN!

Humanity Matters Live 

Tonight will be all about real people earning a real income from home working as a Network Marketer

We show you step by step everything you need to WIN in this type of business and not go crazy trying to figure all the things out. 

You have a business now? 

Great you visit this site after tonight's episode. Sign up and whether you market coffee, travel, legal, streaming media devices, drivers protection or anything. 

You will learn how to make your business start thriving and producing that income you were promised. 6:00 pm Est Time. 

No products pushed, this is about the foundation. 

Tune in and learn how to win in a home based, network marketing business. 6:00 Est Time click watch live. 

Albert Torcaso 

Get there, get moving and get more money in your hands. 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

01 May 2016





You see we need to earn the tool known as money so that we can afford to live financially free and in that way we can also help those who are in need and who are not as lucky in this point of their life as we have become.

Many wonder why I say and do what I do. Well, it is because I seek abundance for all.

There are almost one Billion Children Who Live In Poverty. This must stop and we each of us, you, me and all who read this can do something about it.

Yes, we can and we start by changing our own lives starting today and everyday for the rest of your life.

We all be we want to accept it or not all of us have a duty to live abundantly and to help other people as well as animals Live Abundantly.

People Say The Lord The God Is Not Real!

They Say That Lucifer, Satan, The Devil Is

a joke.

Tell To The Mirror On Our Car!

It Blew Up! And 
It Was Not Bumped, Not Cold, Not Hot.


No pot holes, no traffic. Not a single reason for what happened to have happened.

Explain this People Of Science I Want You To Explain It.

I Am Not Debating you. In fact we need your and those in the Religious Community as well as Psychics, Mediums and together maybe we can solve the mystery of how this mirror exploded. 

We need help.

Psychic Communities, Paranormal Communities, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigators we want answers.

So are you ready to change your life? Go here 

launch your business and day by day take the 

time to learn your new craft, career and you 

will become amazed at your results.

This was Strange And Deadly.

We need your help.


24 / 7 /365

Many more strange things have happened over the last twenty four years including more than 18 deaths in my house!

Including My Mother Dying of Cancer,

Yes she smoked for 49 years.

Then quit for about 15.

However, she had been going to the doctor and had clean blood tests, X-rays and all that

Stuff. Her doctors said she was healthy and the evidence (tests) did as well.

One day she gets sick and we go to the ER two months later she's dead!

Over the years I lost 20 animals.

Keep in mind I have had animals since age five years old.

In a 24 year period. Odd deaths and all the strange stuff.

Truth is now I want Clergy, Priests, Ministers, Scientists Paranormal Investigators or

anyone who ever cared about Annette Mendel or Me.

As of this second in time we don't yet possess the funding to pay any of the Scientist,

Psychics, Mediums, Paranormal Investigators, Priests, Ministers, Rabbis or any person

of faith who may be willing to help

However we do have our television and podcast series.

Humanity Matters Live Airing On Shot live At The PCTV21 Studio

Then airs on

Wednesday 12:00 pm Est Time.

And my podcast series an audio only podcast that you can call in worldwide and even



Humanity Matters Podcast

Humanity Matters Live is on Public Access so no advertising allowed.

Humanity Matters Live Airs on.

Comcast Cable Channel 21 In Pittsburgh, PA

Verizon Fios Channel 47 In Pittsburgh, PA

And some suburbs around Pittsburgh

At present we shoot it live the first Tuesday of each month that may change in July

I will update you of changes.

In return for any and all help we could create a television and or podcast series

to promote you and your craft and or businesses and once we go national which

Will happen soon.

We will have you many times as guests. 

This will in all likelyhood increase your
businesses in many ways.

I know our break in both my media businesses as well as my network marketing businesses is coming and in truth I think that is why the mirror attack happened today!

Why? I made personal history today and will be having a professional resume created as well as a professional demo reel

This will lead to a local or national talk show series.
And allow me to help many thousands of lives.

I took massive action and evil or whatever, whomever it is does not like it at all!


It is happening and we need your prayers from people of all faiths. We need a massive prayer chain!

However, I have had what I thought was the worst depression of my life over the past year three times and for a month to six months at one point.

I finally sought help for the first time in my life I thought I needed Mental Help Treatment.

Get this. The therapist said what one has described does not seem to be depression.

What is it then?

Again, we need help!

If you will pray and or help me get the help we need maybe we can find out what the heck happened today to my car and what has been going on.

Thanks please pray and if you could part with a 1.00 or more donation.
You can help us save Lashona Moon And 
Precious Pumpkin's lives if it's not too late.

Lashona's cancers look real bad.
Help for Goodness Sake Help.

Truth is friends I feel We Are At WAR with some evil force.

I know how that sounds, but trust me other crazy things happened.

I have had some of what I thought was depression, but every doctor I have seen said It is not that.

What is it?

We need your prayers of all faiths. Help us please.

And I am also getting real close to getting my big break on TV and in my network

marketing businesses.

Truth is I feel something or someone knows this and is trying to stop me.

Detectives, Scientists, Paranormal Investigators, People Of Faith, Psychics, Mediums.

Anyone who cares this is a real S.O,.S. Something is deadly wrong! Help us.

As for my businesses if we survive this I know for certain we will be wealthy in a year or two

And we will have done it by helping any and everyone who launches their business with us.

Now, they will have to train, and apply what we teach, get the tools we suggest.

Do the work And be strong enough to never quit no matter what goes down.

Some Corporations or the Paranormal know this and the attacks are increasing and become deadly. Help!!!

Precious Pumpkin Torcaso and Lashona Moon 

were healthy just a few months ago now 

Lashona Moon has two different cancers on her tongue!

They don't really know if Precious Pumpkin has cancer or not and they want another 300.00 dollars just to check.

We have a 910.00 bill already with them so we have to be helpless to help our children again?

No way I have drawn the line!

I have declared WAR on EVIL or whatever is going on.

Pray for us and have every people you know on this planet pray for us.

I mean everyone.

Look, I know this sounds crazy, but trust me I did not even tell you ten % of what has gone on in twenty four years since we lived in this house.

I do think something chemical or paranormal is wrong with this house. It is not normal to have as many as five deaths a year in a house.

Each year we have at least two or more deaths here. Is Annette's and my life at risk?

You better believe it we are that is just one reason I am doing the network marketing businesses.

And making my show become a paid career.
As for the products, services, we are marketing trust me on this they really are very good.

I downplay that stuff a bit. The VS2 Media Center does what it claims.

Not trying to market. Just know this, of everything I have tried including those eBay items.

So far the VstreamTV Company is the only one that we have earned a small income in.

Oddly enough I have had strange tech issues with my machines PC'S 2, Laptops 2 and my smartphone.

With regard to working our businesses.

We hope someone who reads this LONG MESSAGE AND POST! Will help us find out what went on with our car and why our home seems to be the HOUSE OF DEATH!

We will put every cent on our babies (Cats) even ii we we're to go hungry, but another 300.00 dollars won't happen until more You Caring Funding comes in my eBay products sell.

We get more network marketers or customers in our drivers protection / roadside assistance
or NXR Global, VstreamTV company happens.

Of my two network marketing if you want to launch a businesses and have all the training as well as tools I would say NXR Global beats Motor Club America on that front.

Though the Motor Club America services including their Free Legal Consultations

Driver's and roadside protections deliver as promised. 

Needed them about six times for the roadside issue and twice for legal questions. 

Above board.

Being a talk show host is an honor, being a network marketer is the same, but let's me personally help people work hard and get free from dead end careers, jobs, and they own their time not some boss or corporation.

Yeah, evil or whatever this is may have blew up our mirror, but instead of stopping me. It has made me even more determined to WIN THIS WAR!

We will have our show go national.

We will bring awareness on a national level to the plight of almost one billion children

Worldwide living in that P- Word.

Having little or nothing.

To issues of hunger in America more than 40 million Americans go hungry daily, weekly or monthly.

Homeless Americans, Homeless Veterans.

A great day for us all of us is coming and that is why I believe we were attacked help us solve this issue.

Help us fight this battle, be it by worldwide prayers which we need so share this message with the world please,

Send it to all as we need the help.

Help Annette, Pumpkin, Lashona, my family hang on and we will see an amazing change in

Our lives. Believe it. This is Going To Come To Pass If Annette And I Can Survive It..

With what went on with our car we really don't know how it happened and I see no logical reason or scientific explanation for it.

Help us and in the end help us to help you and many others.


The videos will be there for all to see by this Friday 4-29-2016.

Hey, go vote Tuesday 4-26-2016 if you live in the states that vote on Tuesday America and the World needs your help.

Precious Pumpkin's life may be in danger they don't know if her infection or whatever it happens to be is cancer or not.

They do know Lashona Moon has at least two or more cancerous tumors in her mouth and who knows where else.

If possible help by donating 1 or more dollars. If not possible I do understand having cash flow problems.

Can you please copy the link and send it to people who may be able to help save a life with a 1.00 donation?

Most importantly help us to find out what went on today with that mirror exploding and with what happened to our entire family for over twenty four years now.

For the record as soon as my show goes national and or my Streaming or other businesses grow to even more success.

We will be getting out of this house.

We will be moving on out!

Know this be we receive any help on anything or be we not hear a word.


Would like to live to 110 or more years I love life.

But I won't cower to Evil or whatever this is.

We Love Life And My Life Is For God, About God and helping people and animals.

I will have my Victory! Victory Is Mine!

To get what you want you need to help the most people and if you help enough people get what they want you'll get what you want and more.

I am never going to stop helping people so I GUESS THE EVIL HAS ALREADY LOST!

Victory Is ours.

Help and thanks in advance!

Albert Torcaso

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