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16 January 2017

A Dream Like MLK

A Dream Like MLK

Like MLK I Have A Dream.

Today we honor and everyday we must honor Martin Luther King.

Like Dr. Martin Luther King 

I have a dream it is the same and a bit different than his, yet it can be the difference in our lives and so with that I ask each of you to listen to this message and to commit to 

Live your life and help all people live their lives to the fullest. 

Let each of us dream and reach our dreams to make them a reality.

Those of you who know people who love playing video games. 

Send them here so that they can enjoy their lives more while reaching their dreams.

Now it falls to you and to each of us to live our dreams and to help others to achieve theirs.

We must unite and create a nation of compassion, justice, equality, kindness, and security of self for all Americans. 

We must ensure that all Americans have a place to live, earn income access to clothing food heath care and water as well as the ability to prosper and have fun.

It is up to you and I now to carry on his dream, your dream and mine.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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