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13 January 2017


It's time you claim your abundance now. 

I will keep speaking out on my television and podcast shows.
In fact, I will be doing a new video and podcast. 

I cannot accept Donald Trump as Our Leader since we now know that there is proof that Russia had hacking and other actions that helped him. 

The truth is that not one person in America that was elected or reelected should now be in office. 


Because we know there was interference, what we do not know is to what extent.
Further, there is under reported, but proof that there were more than 75,000 minority votes thrown out and not counted in one key swing state all of which were Hillary Clinton votes. Fishy isn't it.

I forget which one at the moment. 

We also know voter suppression and reports of intimidation of minority voters. 

And then we have Our FBI come out with so called e-mails against Clinton 11 days before an election and then saying well, nothing was wrong a few days later. 

For each of these and more reasons I submit to the American People across the political spectrum that we should demand this entire election be thrown out nationwide and that we be forced to take another national election and that no machines that do not have a paper trail that can be counted by the human eye be permitted to be used in this special election nor in any future elections. 

Further, I submit to the American People that we demand that the U.S. Congress of this and all future sessions fund the new hacking proof electoral system in America.
Let me be clear I am saying that no person of the democratic or republican party independent or any party that we elected in 2016 should be allowed to stay in that office unless we have another special election. 

As it stands now for the first time in  
American History Our Electoral System was hacked and as such we really do not know if any of the results in any voting area, city, county or state were the true results of the Electorate or if in fact The Will Of The People. 

Jean, and All Americans Who Love Liberty, Honor And Freedom I ask you to stand up. Text, Fax, Call, Petition, And in every ethical, legal, peaceful way demand that this election results do not stand for if we allow them to stand we have Lost America And We Have Lost Our Democracy.

Most will dismiss my words, but when the truth of what I have written comes to pass and you have done nothing to stop or resolve it. 

What will you tell your children when they ask you mommy, daddy what did you do when we were losing our freedom? 

I will say I fought the fight I will say I never gave up. 

I never accepted this atrocity!!! Long Live Justice And Long Live OUR FREEDOM!

They Stood Up And Stand For America Will You?

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