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29 January 2017

Battle Plan For American Patriots

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

I have already employed this part of a system that will resist DT and anyone who would take advantage of the American People or the World. 

Their God Is Money, We Take Away Their Money By Spending Less Money at least 50 Dollars a week Less Per American. 

Days Of Work Stoppages, Protesting In and On The Streets, Call, Fax, Text, Sign Petitions, Real Mail! 

We employee all manner of resistance and this Dictator Shall Be Impeached. More than That! CONGRESS OF ALL PARTIES IN ALL NATIONS WILL DO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! 


Paste this and spread it World Wide. 

Then print it out, fold it up and keep it as one of your resistance plans. 

We, The People Do And Shall Own America!

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