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31 January 2017

He Will Take Your Firearms Away

                     He Will Take Your Firearms Away

It's time you claim your abundance now.

That's right!
I owned one and I believe that we should all be required to at least train on one. 

Only sane people, but if we did and had open carry nationwide I feel there would be less crime overall. 

That Said the key word is train.
We also must have common sense gun control the NRA and many Americans are not looking at this very important matter logically.

It is really insane to require training and a license to drive a vehicle, yet owning a deadly firearm is as easy as waiting a few days to a week. 
That's INSANE!
I have fired double barrel shot guns, rifles, 30,30's 9mm, 38 and a 357

I tell you those who own these and any firearm who is not trained or checked for mental fitness are just walking time bombs.
That said I believe in a right to own and carry a firearm.
NRA and Gun Owners however, Beware of Trump if he decides one day to have Martial Law all Gun Owners will lose their Guns and that is a fact!

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