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19 January 2017

If Your Lab Work Was Gone

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

If Your Lab Work Was Gone!

Question what would you do if you had testing of your Blood or other lab work and 

not only did they lose your Blood or Lab Results, but they claimed you never even took such a test?

You may recall in 2016 I wrote about how Quest Diagnostics 
Lost my Blood Work.

We're in 2017 now and not a word back from Quest Diagnostics.

No answers as to what happened to my Blood. 

Worse than that they did not even seem to care that it was lost. 

In fact, they said you did not get harmed so I guess they think being incompetent is routine or okay with them.

I wonder how they would feel if they had their Blood out there not knowing where it went did someone else get my results? 

Did someone for some odd reason Steal My Blood? 

For what Reason?

What is even more odd they claimed that the person who took my Blood did not even work in their lab.

Then who in Goodness Name Drained My Blood?

I am going to call and write to Quest Diagnostics once more and if they don't respond I will take other legal action. 

I will keep you updated.

In the meantime, be careful when you get lab work done anywhere in a doctor's office, lab or the hospital. 

Ask the questions and demand answers. 

It's your life and your life matters.

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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