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11 February 2017

Humanity Matters Live Introducing Jonathan Breda

Humanity Matters Live Introducing Jonathan Breda

It's time you claim your abundance now.

Humanity Matters Live Introducing Jonathan Breda!

You know in life you find many blessings and many times they are not from where you would expect.

I believe everyone has a right to believe in God or to not believe in God.

I, Albert Torcaso, believes in The Lord Thy God and Jesus The Christ.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

That said, I find that the blessing of seemingly accidentally meeting Jonathan and his family in a store I believe was no accident at all.

As for Jonathan Breda I suggest all of you keep track of his career as he is going to be one of America's and the World's Best Magicians.

Yes, Breda Family and Jonathan, I said that so  you Jonathan Breda, you keep perfecting those illusions and you're magic is amazing young man!

Did I just say that publicly? 

Oh yes I did Jonathan.  

You keep astounding the masses and don't forget we have you and your family booked for June 2017 on anther episode of 

Humanity Matters Live!

Watch this amazing magician my fellow Americans, Human Beings and enjoy the show.

Albert Torcaso

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