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25 February 2017

We Battle On

It's time you claim your abundance now. 
We Battle On
                                                FIGHT THE POWER!

Battle Plan To Defeat Trump, Pence And Anyone Who Would Hurt You Or America.


Americans Fight By Spending 50.00 dollars less per week. 

All Americans must do this. 50.00 dollars less per week locked away for 365 days. Fight and Win!

Do you think they risked everything to create this Nation?

Do you think Millions Of Americans From George Washington,
The Continental Army risked all including their lives.

For this Insane Man.

To Take Away The Freedoms and all we fought for these 240 to destroy?

No, these heroes did not! Fight Back! Resist Him! Legally, Peacefully, Ethically And Financially!

Do America's Active Duty, Reservists, Nation Guard and 

All American Heroes and Heroines Fight in lands around the globe and 

Defend America For It To Become A Police State? 

A Dictatorship.

I Say NO!

Legally Resist, Peacefully, Ethically And Financially Resist!

Defend Her Still Today!
50.00 Dollars each pay period locked away until Trump, Pence and Congress 
Listens To The People Of America!

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