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21 February 2017

When Facebook Goes MAD!

When Facebook Goes MAD!

For some odd reason Facebook won't let me share this link and normally that would stop a person right?

Well, in this case I suspect that I will be able to get this link past by posting the video and link through this post as I no longer need use the link that it has on YouTube.

There is nothing at all that is anything other than G- Rated here so this is another case study in one that Facebook has the false illusion that they have the power to block anyone or control you or I and the need to own you're own web sites, blogs, and pay for servers.

Facebook Often Goes MAD!

Facebook Goes MAD! And We Strike Back And Win!

Without cause and for no good reason.

I will now do a Facebook Live Lol To Battle Facebook!
It's time you claim your abundance now.

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