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07 April 2017



I Call On Senator John McCain and other honest, good Republican Senators To Not Vote For Neil Gorsuch's Conformation.

To Confirm any nominee when there is an Investigation into what the Russians and Trump's Campaign as well as Trump himself may have done why would you put in a man who favors his views?

That amounts to having the police, attorneys and the judge watching and helping the criminal commit the robbery and then letting the woman or man go free.

I am using that as an analogy, but the point is that Trump and Gorsuch think the same way and may be friends.

How do you appoint a person to America's Highest Court that is to supposed to keep justice in check when these conflicts of interest and possible crimes may have been committed?

Let It Be Known if it comes to pass that Gorsuch is Confirmed then Every Republican who Votes Yes Must Be Thrown Out Of Office From Now Until There Be Not One Republican Senator In The U.S Senate.

Will You Call 1-202-224-2235

And Stand Up For America?
 Call 1-202-224-2235
America Needs You Today!

Doing this action amounts to a betrayal of all Americans.
Be they left, right or in the middle politically.

Will You Stand Tall Ma'am for yourself, family and nation?
Will you defend her today Sir?

I ask Fellow Americans of the Right, Middle and the Left To Call on Senators Today.
Call every Republican and Every Democrat. Every Independent.

Say No to This Tragedy that could harm All Americans Of All Political View Points For Hundreds Of Years.

Call 1-202-224-3121 right now.

Call John McCain and Ask him to say no to this Tragedy!
(202) 224-2235

The Honorable John McCain - United States Senator
(202) 224-2235

Senator John McCain, will you Stand Tall For America Once More?
Veterans, Active Duty Military Will You Stand Tall?

Will You Save Our Court From This Attack?

Will You Ma'am, You Sir, Save America Today?

Let us not lose who we are and let not Americans Lose The Heart And Soul Of America.

Freedom, Fairness and Equality. All Americans Have A Right To Life Liberty And The American Dream

Let not Congress stack the courts against the 
American People.

I care not what time it is CALL NOW!


Will You Answer The Call Once More?
Will You Stand For Liberty, Justice, Fairness and Equality?
Call Now!

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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