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16 May 2017

They Served Will You?

They Served Will You?

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

As you view this post know that Donald Trump gave 
the Russsian Government Top Secret Information And This Information May Well Place Millions Of Americans In Danger As Well As Our Allies.

Donald Trump and The Republican Party Has Gone Way Too Far!

Real Americans, Be They Republican Voters Or Be They Democratic Voters Should Be Very Worried.

And as Americans, we should Stand Up For One Another For Seniors, The Disabled And Those Who Have Pre-existing conditions.

Yet, if the new Republican Bill Passes In Affect All 314 Million Americans will be affected in a negative way.

While it is true that the wealthy will find ways to still have the best health care around and even those with pre-existing conditions will be able to receive health care access even if it is 100% out of pocket and no insurance due to not being able to buy insurance at any price because of these dangerous, deadly and unfair laws. 

They have the funding so they will not suffer and die all others will.

Fully over 310 Million Americans will be affected by these laws and
Millions Of Americans will suffer and then die due to little or no health care and or treatment.

While it is also true that even the poorest American can go to the ER for emergency treatment the reality is that any treatments or medicines that they are prescribed the poor and uninsured will not be able to afford to receive or buy them.

This will create in effect death watches for Millions Of Americans who are or become sick, have a chronic illness or have a catastrophic accident.

Think of the Disabled and Senior Citizens on a broken (Fixed) income who won't be able to afford their medicines and treatment or the higher co -pays.

Are we an EVIL United States Of America?

Or are we a nation of caring and compassionate People?

I urge All Americans Be They Constitutionalist, Libertarian, Green, Tea Party, Democrat, Independent Or Coffee Party To Call On Congress Right Now!


Go to Town Halls.

Demand that they Leave Alone Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Demand that they leave alone Social Security.

And That they Hire an Independent Counsel to see What Is Going On With Donald Trump and the Russian Government.

He should be Investigated and Maybe Impeached.

He gave vital secrets to the Russians.

What would JFK

and Ronald Reagan Say?

They would both have him in prison let's be honest about this Americans he would be tried for Treason and 
He Should Be Tried For Treason Now.
This Man Has Given Secrets To The Russian Government That May Well Cause Our Men And Women Or Our Allies Women And Men To Be Killed By Terrorists Or Our Enemies.

The Republicans and Democrats In Congress Must Unite Impeach Donald Trump and have him Tried For Treason.
He Should Face 20 Years To Life In Prison For These Actions That Risked Not Only Those Who Protect Freedom. 

He May Well Be Risking Every American's Life All 314 Million Of Us.

I Say Unto You This Is A Dangerous and Foolish Man. I Say Trial Him For Treason,

We Stay Peaceful Legal, Ethical, But We Do Not Yield To Evil!

A Face That Has Harmed America

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