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14 May 2017

A Whole Lot Of Videos, A Whole Lot Of Writing!

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

A Whole Lot Of Videos, A Whole Lot Of Writing.

I am doing this post to let you in on news of me and Annette Mendel we are very busy with everything we do.

I do most of it as I am in the process of teaching Annette and then 
Michael McCutcheon how to do most of what I do.

In addition, I have many books to read and videos to watch for personal, career and business development.

So, I have been super busy as well as having created over 100 videos in the past week alone.

All of that said, this site, this blog and YOU are vitally important to me, to us.

As such, expect a huge amount of posts over the next month or so depending on my strength and time.

I just had another heart surgery on April 24th, 2017.

That said, I really do feel good since I started drinking my Happy Water.
Below, I will have a picture of it and a link to it for those of you who want to really feel Great.

I Feel Great, But James Brown's Song Was I Feel Good so that's what I say.

The Truth is since starting to drink this water my body has had changes and I have much more energy. 

I can't say what it may or may not do for you, but when you start seeing the productive amount of blogs, videos and other things that I have done and witness it yourself you may just want to take another look at the water.

I will never sell out just to earn a penny, dollar or even millions of dollars.

I won't sell out because You Really Do Matter to me.

I will tell you the truth, however, even when you refuse to believe it if that is what you do, I am not going to lie to you just to make anyone happy not even myself.

One who values truth, honor, loyalty and respect can't sell out or become a liar for money.

My personal truth is since drinking this water my pink eye and dry eyes have cleared up.

Scars I have had for months or years are clearing up and yeah, I am shocked about it and yes, almost in disbelief as well, yet it is happening.

Look closely at each video that is shot after April 20th, 2017 and you may notice it yourself the eyes are not as red and many days they are not red at all.

Look closer and bear witness to it yourself.

Yes, I drink a lot of the Happy Water, but you can drink less of it and may see unexpected results as well.

Use this link

Click on products and you'll see Happy Water, click on that and click on read more. Scroll down when you want to order it.

And if you go to Facebook under Albert Torcaso you can review videos and Facebook Live Videos. I have created one about Happy Water.

I forgot one Major Benefit I had been using painkillers daily such as Aleve and Tylenol since using this water I have not been using those painkillers except for one time and that was after I drank 52 ounces of soda and almost no Happy Water the night before.

Hydration of the body will reduce pain. 

I began to suspect that so I checked it out on Yahoo, Google and YouTube it turns out I was correct in my beliefs.

Happy Water Hydrates the body in seconds and I am so grateful for this new way of living that I am living.

I had been in pain for years! 

I Thank The Lord Thy God,

Jesus Christ 


The Holy Spirit 

For This Blessing. 
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