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15 September 2017

A Hero Like Bill Cardille

It's time you claim your abundance now.

Be A Hero Like Bill Cardille

Bill Cardille Is One Of My Super Heros.

He Was Amazing In His Life On Earth And His Spirit Is Even More. Amazing In Heaven, Paradise.

Bill caused so many lives to be filled with value, happiness and of course what he did for people with MDA along with his friend 
Jerry Lewis.

The truth is Bill Cardille helped people every day of his life in some way and Bill was and is loved by millions of people, yet Bill had ups and downs like all of us including medical problems and even surgeries. 

Bill still kept his dream, his career and his passions going and this must be the great lesson, that all of us keep learning, applying and excelling in our lives.

Bill Cardille (Chilly Billy) Will Forever Be A Super Hero too Many, Many People.

I want to help you.

Albert Torcaso

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