11 November 2017

2017 Veterans Day.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

2017 Veterans Day

Today and tonight in The USA is Veterans Day and I thank each Veteran that has placed their lives in danger to keep others safe.

We may not like how some conflicts happened or how our nation seems to be going backward and in many ways wonder if these women and men are still protecting freedom.

Yet, I thank them for caring enough to do it. 

To go into battle when called upon or to rescue people in need. 

Yes, there is much to worry about when our nation is now allowed to spy on everything that we do, but we have a way to fix all of that all we need to do is take legal action, peaceful and ethical action.

These men and women care about the nation, they may have gone into the service to find employment, training, income or many reasons, yet they became heroic the minute they signed that dotted line or when they faced their first danger. 
We have had heroes from the first War America ever entered, through a nation divided on moral and social justice.

We have fought with other nations and even within our own so that we may save freedom, liberty, justice and indeed in a larger sense humanity itself.
I ask you not only on this day but on each day to thank a Veteran and be grateful that we have women and men that stand up to injustice and fight for freedom.

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