01 November 2017

Attacks Won't Stop Us

Attacks Won't Stop Us

It's time you claim your abundance now.

I agree with these words.

Last night hours after the attack a million New Yorkers including families with their children marched through the city for a Halloween parade. Their message was heard loud and clear. 

The American Spirit will never be broken. Those who hope we will succumb to fear will never get what they want. And those who seek to divide us will only bring us closer together.

I have said it myself in videos before ISIS will Fail All Terrorists Will Fail!

We Will Not Live In Fear.

We Must Find Compassion Around The Corner, Next Door To Us And Around The World, 

We Must End Terrorism Not With Bombs, But With The Needs Of All People On Earth Being Met.

One Of Our Real Enemies Is The Corporatization Of The World And So Many People Not Having What They Need In Life.

This Allows Poverty, It Allows Desperation That Allows The People To Be Willing To Give Up Their Lives In Many Cases To Have Money For Their Families.

It Also Allows People To Be Taken In By Extremists Of All Types And Brainwashed To Be Willing To Do Anything That They Ask.

We Must Create A World Of Compassion Where All People Matter, 

Where Humanity Matters.
No, Terrorists Will Not Make Us Cower In Fear, Nor Will We Quit Living Our Lives, Yet We Must Find A Way To Reduce And End Terrorism.

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