11 November 2017

How Do You Move When You're Stuck

How Do You Move When You're Stuck

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Please read these few words with an open mind and an open heart.

No matter who you are in life things get tough, we fail into success (Les Brown) yet as we are failing we feel alone or down or if something happens in life. 

The loss of income or a job or even bankruptcy.

When we keep trying to change our mindset, improve our lives and people ridicule you many of them are supposed to be your friends and may even be family or co-workers or classmates.

This causes us to get down, even more, to want to give up.

Yet what do we achieve if we give up? 

What if we have invented a new technology yet no one would invest in you or in it and the funders just would not say yes?

What if the banks, investors and almost everyone said no.

How would you keep going?

How would you move forward when you're stuck?

I need you to know that has happened many times in fact with Steve Jobs and Apple they were turned down as was Bill Gates Of Microsoft and yet they kept going they figured out or even had other people figure things out and they made it.

What you must know is this that even as you or I may be alone now and that what we seek to achieve may seem impossible to happen I submit to you that it is not impossible.

You must never give up and must somehow push through even when nothing is working out. We cannot stop, for it is when we stop that we die inside and the truth is even if we never succeed in what we want to achieve we must keep trying.

Why? Because we must have hope, we must believe that we are important, that we are needed, that there is a reason that I am here.

I Believe In You.

I Believe that if we keep going there will be an endgame that one day our dreams, missions goals, and inventions will be achieved.

So, when you're ready to quit, to say forget it or you just can't think of what to say or do next, take a breath and know that there have been millions of people where you're at now and they almost gave up. 

They found a way to keep going maybe they called on God

Maybe they took a walk or a run, or maybe they called a friend, but they kept going and they made it happen.

Bill Gates who was once laughed at is now one of the most successful and richest people on the planet.

It's time you keep going even when you're feeling so down that it seems nothing in the universe can lift you back up.

I Believe In You.

Keep Going.

Copyright 2004 - 2017 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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