12 November 2017

Lincoln's Words Still Matter

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Lincoln's Words Still Matter

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Abraham Lincoln's Words Matter

I ask you to hear and to read these words of Abraham Lincoln then I ask you to ask yourself Has America Kept The Promise, Indeed The Very Point Of Our Nation, Have They kept It Alive?

Now, We Are Engaged In A Nation Filled With Citizens Barely Surviving With Near Slave Wages, Outsourcing, The Taking Away Of Benefits.

That Allow The Disabled, Retired, The Extreme Poor To Survive.

I Ask Each Of You Is This The America That Lincoln Is Speaking Of And To With His Elegant Words.

After You Answer, I Ask You To Take Action To Make It A Reality.

Call Congress Let Them Know They Have Failed Lincoln, Our Veterans On This Veterans Day.

Indeed They Have Failed All Americans.


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