08 November 2017

They Are Not Gone

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

They Are Not Gone

This video I speak about Bill Cardille and what he meant to me, his family and so many other people.

I also want to remind you that people in your life who have passed away are not gone as long as we remember them and as long as we keep their memories.

Let us do even more by improving our lives, be being courageous in our lives.

Let us sit down and think I mean really think what is our dreams?

Why are we not doing anything to follow them?

Why are we afraid?

Life comes in and so many doubts come into our minds. The challenge for us is to keep going and fighting off both the negative thoughts that we have that stop us and Us not putting in the work we need to improve our lives in all areas of our lives.

Let us remember our loved ones and let us use our time here to improve our lives and show the spirits of our loved one and The Lord Thy God 

How Grateful We Are For Our Lives They Have Given Us.

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Bill's Not Gone

Bill Means A Lot To People Around The Planet And To Me He Is A Super Hero.

All That I Need To Say Is He Is A Super Hero To Me And His Spirit Is Endless.

Bill Chilly Billy Cardille had many wonderful things he had done in life.

Hosting MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon, Studio Wrestling In Pittsburgh, PA.

And Chiller Theater Was A Way For Family To Really Sit Down And Watch A Fun Program And Be Well, A Bit Scared.

Bill In Life Was Such A Real Person. I met him once while attempting to will a contest to be able to appear on 

The Chiller Theater Set. I did not win, yet  Bill invited me up to be on the set.

He had no idea what that still means to me till this day.

Bill will always, always be my superhero.

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