Saturday, February 18, 2006

ALBERT TORCASO ASKS Who cares about odds?

Sure, the odds are extremely small but whom among you would not put down a dollar for a chance to change lives including yours?

If any of you are not putting down at least a dollar on the Powerball tell me why not? And why you see it as a complete waste of money? It's about hope for me it's about a hope that things may change somehow no matter how great the odds may be.

Note: Albert G. knew a woman who won a 35 million dollar PA lottery so it can happen my friends. She no longer knows Albert but once she did.

By The Associated Press
(AP) People wait in line outside the Executive Corner Deli in Byram, Conn., Saturday, Feb. 18, 2006, in... Full Image
People with dreams of winning Saturday's record $365 million Powerball lottery jackpot stood in lengthening lines to buy tickets that flew out of machines at dizzying speeds.
"I figure somebody is going to win it, so it might as well be me," said Casey Symonds of Omaha, Neb., after buying $25 worth of tickets for himself and four co-workers Friday.
The chances of winning the jackpot by matching all six numbers were 1 in 146.1 million.
The Powerball jackpot topped the previous lottery record, which was $363 million for the Big Game - the forerunner of Mega Millions. That was won by two ticket holders in Illinois and Michigan in 2000.

Powerball's previous record of $340 million was won by an Oregon family in October.
West Virginia retailers cranked out tickets at a rate of 29 per second on Friday, said Libby White, the lottery's marketing director. North Carolina and Virginia residents called the West Virginia lottery asking for directions to the closest retailer, she said.
Sales in South Carolina reached $11,000 a minute on Friday, "pretty staggering," said John C.B. Smith, chairman of the state's lottery commission.
The big buyers usually are people representing pools of co-workers, and some bought hundreds of tickets at a time, said Hope Travers, clerk at a 7-Eleven in Providence, R.I.
"They've been driving me nutty," she said.

(AP) Customers wait in line to purchase lottery tickets from convenience store manager Carrie Casteel,... Full Image

But with that much money on the line, sometimes the pool buyers ask for separate tickets on the side, said Bruce Rogers, owner of Kevin's Corner Smoke Shop in downtown Providence.
"I say 'What are you going to do, leave everyone else out?' They say 'Yeah, I'd do it in a heartbeat,'" he said.
Charlie Jasmer, 59, a former Minnesota milk truck driver who won a $5 million Powerball jackpot in 1997, even has tickets for Saturday's jackpot - but hopes a group wins rather than an individual.
"It'd be better to make a bunch of people happy instead of one person miserable."
Jerry Bono, a furniture mover from Omaha, said he averages $10 worth of Powerball tickets per week, but goes for the big jackpots and leaves the lesser games alone.
"If I lose, I lose, but if I ever hit, I'd get out of here and move to Las Vegas."
"I intend to go, perhaps, to Paris," Robert Sayon Morris said after buying a ticket at Billy and Marty's convenience store in Minneapolis. Would he quit his job at a bank? "Of course."
Powerball is played in 28 states plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is run by the Multi-State Lottery Association based in Des Moines, Iowa.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006

ALBERT TORCASO'S Friend Answers A Question Asked And I Ask You To Think about it.

That's a tough one. One of the major things we need is true campaign reform, which would only happen with a constitutional amendment. Amendments over-ride the Supreme Court; the courts have consistently sided with corporations where they should never have done so, by granting them "Constitutional rights" the same as if they are citizens, which they are not. The Supreme Court cannot rule a constitutional amendment or any portion of the amendment "unconstitutional" and thus, would not be able to interfere with true reform as they have repeatedly done so throughout our history. My proposal is as follows:
Create a constitutional amendment clearly stating that all publicly elected officials, while in office or running for office, from city council on up to president, are not allowed to accept any gifts from anyone, not even birthday or holiday gifts from immediate family and that they immediately lose office held and go to prison for a minimum of 20 years if proven to have accepted any gift--that is a small price to pay if they truly want to "serve" the people. Eliminate all political donations except from individual citizens. Limit individual citizen total political contributions per year to 1% of the median wage, which is approximately $500 in the current economy. In order to compensate for the "expense" of political promotion, which is the major reason candidates give to justify accepting corporate and wealthy individual bribes, as a condition of obtaining a newspaper, magazine, radio or television license, compel all such media to grant equal time to "qualified" political candidates; time granted dependant on size of media market and office being sought. In order to be considered "qualified", a candidate would be required to obtain a minimum amount of certified registered voter signatures, number of signatures required determined by amount of voters affected, scope and type of office being sought. This would not take care of the entire problem but probably, at least 95% of the political bribery that has long been accepted by a naive population as okay.
As far as waking up the population, all we can do is try. I started out being an essay, poetry and book writer and moved toward music because I think in today's world, music has a lot more potential to reach and challenge people--I learned that from Pete Seeger, who in some ways, might be the most influential American who ever lived; i.e., his collected contribution includes rescuing the "spirituals" (which he might call "slave anthems") out of the historical dust-bins and into the public conscience, as well as re-writing "I Will Overcome" into the modern civil rights anthem "We Shall Overcome" and past that, writing "Turn, Turn, Turn", "If I Had a Hammer", "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" and performing many other influential works by other songwriters. You put that all together and that is major influence with a capital M. Very few Americans have much of a clue how influential Seeger is and he prefers it that way, from what I have been told--that is why I dedicated the CD to him.
Seeger, like Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Steinbeck, based a lot of his works on Biblical themes, including in Seeger's case Daniel, Isaiah, Ecclesiastes and other works. Here is are a couple of interesting things that the Bible teaches that you won't likely hear from a Christian minister anytime soon: 1) God judges nations by whether or not they help their sick and poor--both Ezekiel and Jesus taught that. 2) According to Isaiah, when God becomes unhappy with the people of a nation as a whole, he insures that incompetent and corrupt leaders come to power and thus, weaken and eventually destroy a nation from within, as well as he may use forces of nature, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, drought, fires, etc. What angers God according to the overall Biblical message and explicitly according to Ezekiel 16:49, is when people become proud, self-righteous, self-centered and ignore the sick and poor among their own population. Unlike modern people wish to believe, apparently God weighs nations in the balances of good intentions vs. self-absorbed intentions and allows nations to prosper or decline accordingly--this is a gradual and very large "logos" perspective and does not necessarily apply to a specific event, such as the recent Tsunami, for example. It does though, in my opinion, apply to the collected events coming down on America since the rise of Reagonomics, which was the beginning of when the common people in modern-day America began to really get screwed. That comes on the heels of the rise of technological and economic prosperity since Eisenhower and the Vietnam War, which essentially turned Americans into self-centered, poorly educated gluttons, who are very quick on the war trigger rather than seeking peaceful solutions and find it more important to purchase SUV'S and wide-screen TV's than to help our sick and poor. That doesn't sit well with God according to the Bible, whether Jerry Falwell and/or, liberal atheists like it or not.

Thank You, Sincerely Richard Aberdeen


I will post this on my blog Bard, maybe it will help the cause.
My dear friends!!!

I know I have already asked most of you to sign this petition! It has to be submitted within days now and it still needs 85 signatures. If you could find time to forward it to maybe even just 10 of your friends - it would be an enormous help and would maybe get this over the line. If you could send to more, of course I would be very, very grateful and so would Amanda! *
love* Eleanor

January 19, 2006 4:34 AM
Can anyone who has the time please forward the above petition to anyone who might help? We only have one more month this year to submit this and stop another year's cull . . . it's getting SUPER urgent!!

The Welsh Wiz at Myspace:

ALBERT TORCASO AND FRIENDS SAYS America need to demand these actions STOP NOW!

I did a show called PUC disaster and I agree with you about this. I will work on doing another show and I think the titled will be death over profits. People die each year because their gas or electric are turned off. It's high time we stop these heartless actions by these companies and If I can help to bring awareness to the cause I will.
One action I am asking you and everyone to do is call, write, fax, and e-mail our state and national leaders and demand action! Rik and everyone please take action now before it's to late! And all of us who make less than twenty thousand a years end up homeless. Everyone online can help stop this practice of shutting people off but we must work together now so take action today.
Albert Let them know how you feel and your views on how they run America. Let your views be known.

Now here's the meat n potatoes! Alright, now it is not unknown that I hate the gas company. My mother did previous to her passing in 1995(feb 25th) fact one of the last things she said to me was "How will you pay the gas bill?" And I end up stuck with Gary's $1600. gas bill on top of my regular apartment's outrageous gas bill. I am going under fast from these corporate bastard pricks and mad as hell about it. I wish you could do a show or something on this situation where our beloved governor has now given THEM the right to turn off a person's gas service even without a shut off notice! More corporate greed or a payoff? I dunno? i don't care. My company is Dominion People's and they took way less than Columbia with a 23% raise but whose check went up that much? i am soooooooooooo fed up with them I can't bring myself to even open my bills let alone call them and "discuss" payment arrangements that WHAT? I can't possiblyt make anyway?? Just wanted to get your take on this email I got way back when the wintery season was just about to begin. Thanks for letting me vent. Feel free to send this to anyone. I could give two good poops as to who knows I wrote it. Bottom line is CORPORATE GREED IS "#%$$$ KILLING %$%#$#! this country!!!! The greatest copuntry in the world is getting sucked under to pay off shareholders! And the regular petroleum gas prices profits and the oil barons take out a full page USA Today ad to say that the drug companies are making a BIGGER profit! And Congress wants in on some of it(What? For themselves or for us? When THEY can be sooooo easily bought?!?!?) And didja know that our beloved President with whatever oil connections he has and we know there are some which we'll find out about when someone writes it all down after he leaves office or 20 years from now,...but didja know that Bush owns part of the drug company who makes methadone and better yet viagra??? Curious to hear your thoughts on this.... I am sending it to a few other people, too, Al, but it is written to you. Plerase do SOMETHING about this, before I go down the tubes or the gas company owns my friggin house!

Universal Property Development Subsidiary Reports Natural Gas Production Exceeds Projections - Revenue Expected to Be 100% Greater Than Forecast


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Projected Short Term Growth: 1.00+
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HOUSTON, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Canyon Creek Oil & Gas Inc. (A Joint Venture of Universal Property Development and Acquisition Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: UPDA) has expanded its well revitalization program on a fast pace and will soon initiate oil and natural gas production at its Palo Pinto County Regular Field consisting of 614 acres with 28 wells completed in the Strawn formation in Northern Texas.
Canyon Creek has scheduled a field meeting this week with the Railroad Commission of Texas to perform the required testing on four of its permitted injector wells. Canyon Creek will then implement water flood procedures to recover a significant amount of oil remaining in place. Once the testing is completed, the Company can begin oil and natural gas production from the wells. "Our plans include injecting about a thousand barrels of water per day to maximize the effects of water flooding", says Canyon Creek President. "We are excited about this field because of the number of producing wells and the relatively low lifting cost to produce the oil at 1,200 feet. Once the water flooding procedures take effect, we could exceed 1500 barrels of oil per month and 3,000 mcfgpm of casinghead gas."
Once these wells are brought on-line, it is projected that Canyon Creek will be selling nearly 5000 mcf of natural gas per month from only half of its current portfolio," added Chris McCauley, Universal Vice President. "This is in addition to the oil that will be sold to Sunoco at a dollar over their posted price. This revitalization program is well ahead of schedule and producing revenues far exceeding our original estimates."
Canyon Creek Oil & Gas Inc. was formed in July 2005 as a joint venture corporation for the purpose of acquiring currently producing oil and gas properties, low risk drilling prospects and existing wells in need of state-of-the-art technology to improve profitability. Canyon Creek has in excess of 60 wells located on over 2,000 acres in the Fort Worth basin in its expanding portfolio. The Company is also evaluating properties for Barnett Shale prospects.

Current price: .445
Projected Short Term Growth: 1.00+
Rating: 10 out of 10

Certain information contained in these materials is "forward-looking" information, such as projections, estimates, pro formas, or statements of intentions, expectations or plans. All forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are outside of the control of the company. Consequently, actual results may, and probably will, differ materially from the results contemplated in such forward-looking information. Eliptical Marketing Group, LLC was paid $5,000 for this advertisement. As with any company, nothing can ever be guaranteed, we simply give the facts and allow the investor to make a professional decision.

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