Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ALBERT TORCASO Is Moving foward in 2006!

News about me and Humanity Matters, my show.This month I have on Doug Shields, City Councilman Of Pittsburgh PA. He was great. He talked about his background and what inspired him to become the man he is today. I thank him and think he is great for the city of Pittsburgh. He talked about how he feels about helping his community, about his trips around the world and how Americans are lucky enough to have a government Of, By,and For the People. We talked about the Steelers and much more. And you can now watch my show! Even if you live in another nation just go to

Click on Watch PCTV21 LIVE

You will need a player like Windows Media Player but they are free.

My show airs on PCTV21 and Online at their site each Monday at 9:00 PM EST time

Please watch the show you may enjoy it very much.

My next new show which will air in late April or May will have author, architect, interior designer and musicologist, D.J. Muns Blancato. Please watch each week at 9:00 PM.

I am now on PCTV21's Board Of Directors and have other ventures in the works that just might help my career.

We must learn to respect each other.

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.

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