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ALBERT TORCASO Remind us that we had Another victory from signing online petitions and from offline work as well.

Attorneys brought suit to protect our national forest and to protect nature. They also posted petitions online. I and thousands more signed these petitions. As a result we won another ruling and thus a victory! As you know I had signed a petition for A vote on Stem Cell research and the Senate and house sent that bill to the Whitehouse which Bush chose to use his first ever line item veto, but the point is that signing these petitions are causing things to happen! So, be it about lowering our fuel cost, healthcare, building a WW2 museum or anything else these petitions are having success and our leaders do listen.
I say to you start signing petitions and you will have input on how your nation is governed.
Note: Some people I e-mail live outside of the United States, but I send them the same e-mail to inform them of happenings in America and to show that not every American agrees with every policy our nation has. To disagree with policy does not make you anti patriotic it makes you a patriot because you care enough to remind your leaders that their polices may not be what is best for our nation or our people.
Court Reinstates Roadless Rule

Almost 50 million acres of national forests and grasslands once again protected

September 20, 2006

Image of Roadless Conservation Rule graphic

San Francisco, CA -- A federal district court today ordered reinstatement of the Clinton era roadless rule to protect almost 50 million acres of wild national forests and grasslands from road building, logging, and development. The court order is a stunning victory for all Americans who value America's great natural areas and reverses the Bush administration's efforts to open these last great natural areas to development interests.

According to the court, "Defendants are enjoined from taking any further action contrary to the Roadless Rule without undertaking environmental analysis consistent with this opinion." The court noted that in adopting the Rule which the court reinstated today, the Forest Service itself found that the Rule was "necessary to protect the social and ecological values and characteristics of . . . roadless areas from road construction . . . and timber harvesting activities. . . . Adoption of [the Roadless Rule] ensures that inventoried roadless areas will be managed in a manner that sustains their values now and for future generations."

The court found that in repealing the roadless rule, the Bush administration failed to comply with basic legal requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act: "this court concludes that the Forest Service failed adequately to consider the environmental and species impacts when it [repealed the Roadless Rule] in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act."

The court continued: "to conclude that a regulation that effects a major change in the way roadless areas in national forests are regulated nationwide from the prior regulation that it replaces does not constitute a repeal with potentially significant environmental effects would ignore reality."

"Americans love the great natural areas our country has been blessed with," said Earthjustice attorney Kristen Boyles. "From hunters, hikers, fishermen, and bird watchers, to cities and towns that rely on clean, mountain-fed drinking water, the last great roadless natural areas in our national forests deserve preservation. As America grows, so does the need to preserve these natural areas -- because they're not making these kind of natural areas anymore."

Conservation groups, represented by a team of Earthjustice attorneys, brought the legal challenge to the Bush administration policies, joining parallel efforts by four states which brought a separate but similar challenge to the Bush administration plan.

"The sad fact is that the Bush administration gave a timber industry lobbyist a high White House appointment and put him in charge of reversing the government's policy to protect our last great roadless natural areas," said Boyles of Earthjustice. "They made these changes in a flatly illegal way and the court caught them."

The 2005 Bush administration roadless repeal, adopted with no environmental analysis and limited public input, replaced a Clinton era rule adopted in January 2001 after a three-year process that included 600 public hearings and 1.6 million public comments. In addition to repealing the roadless rule, the Bush rule invited governors to submit petitions recommending management schemes for the national forests in their states. Five states (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, California) have lodged such petitions, and all have called for protection for all roadless areas in their states. Other states, including Oregon and Colorado, are facing Bush administration plans to log or develop oil and gas in roadless areas.

Today's ruling doesn't address the roadless areas in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska. In 2003, the Bush administration exempted the Tongass from the roadless rule in a separate procedure. The exemption made little sense then and even less now. About five million acres in the Chugach National Forest in Alaska are once again protected by today's ruling.

Read the opinion (PDF)

Save access to community television and the internet sign the petition please.

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ALBERT TORCASO PRESENTS Watch "Who I am" on Google Video

Who am I? Why am I here?

Duration: 4 min 47 sec; Uploaded: Sep 17, 2006
Description: This is a video telling about myself and my TV show.

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ALBERT TORCASO PRESENTS A 911 Poem Written by Joanie J. Thompson

A nation In grief

Written by Joanie J Thompson

We mourned
We grieved about a nation
A torturing action that transpired on Tuesday, September 11, 2001
We saw it broadcast, and we watch the rerun over and over again
But it is still hard to believe something like this could happen in reality
An action we expected to only see in the movies
Were like a screenplay before our eyes
Airplanes flew into buildings as if they were made of wool
Causing them to collapse and taking innocent lives
The horrifying scenery that brought tears to our eyes
Will be an everlasting memory till the end of time
Lives were risk, and lives were taken from this world
While survivors screamed and wept, because it was to hard to endure
Supporters from all nation joined together to show their support
If only they had known earlier, here would be an alert
United together, were people from all races
dedicating their time with amazing grace
The frightening attack was very painful and hard to bear
Which caused everyone seeing it to have fallen tears
We that are here are victims and survivors
Because e were able to escape the perils and survived the snares
Let us rise together
With Purity, enthusiasm, loyalty, elegance and friendliness
And an abundance of peace, joy, love and happiness
We must not give up
But must face reality and uphold our strength with justice and courage
God is by our side and we will be alright
We wept
We became weak
But those were satisfaction to our own feelings
Nevertheless... we rise again
With victory, power, strength and assurance
God has given us the ability to be courageous
With powerful forces to conquer and succeed
And with His glory and grace, we know we have won
Those innocent lives that was taken from us
Were taken while attending to their committed tasks in the lives agenda
Even though they are victims
They'll forever be remembered as heroes and angels
Those precious earthly conquerors
who suddenly disappeared from this ageless world
Have already transformed to Heavenly angels
They will forever be honored for their true patriotism
With a symbol of bravery, hope, and triumphant
Let us rise together
As one nation, and one people
With faith, power, dignity, pride, liberty, and wisdom
As an emblem of our strength, and victory of our rights
With enough intelligence to protect our country, ourselves
And the people we love
God bless our nation

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