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The entertaining and skilled professional wrestlers of the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance along with the owner of the K.S.W.A Bobby O, managers and an advisor all visit Humanity Matters! Visit to learn all about The KSWA and their big event fan Fest and the Toys for Tots drive to help children have a great Christmas 2007.

You must watch the Keystone State wrestling Alliance The KSWA has top notch wrestlers, managers, advisors, announcer Trapper Tom and of course Booby O the Owner of the KSWA! Watch this clip the see them live Dec-1-2007!


More of the KSWA the future of wrestling in America! And look up the West End Band on Myspace or just visit my page there and look for the KSWA and The West End Band in my page at Myspace. friends list..

My page at Myspace

KSWA'S Myspace page

The West End Band page Click here

ALBERT TORCASO PRESENTS The Professional Wrestling of the KSWA! Clip 3

Watch The KSWA Wrestlers owner and other superstars of the KSWA Keystone State Wrestling Alliance on Humanity Matters


The KSWA visits Humanity Matters!

Monday, November 26, 2007


What can I say? They are skilled and darn goo! Go see them live in action this Saturday Dec-12007! Give yourself an early Christmas Gift and bring a toy of the Toys For tots drive too! gets you al you need to know about the amazingly talented Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. I'll be there Saturday will you? Albert


Action and entertainment from the KSWA

ALBERT TORCASO Is for hire as a host, actorand otther gigs 1

Now you will start seeing video and audio shows here on Humanity Matters the web blog and page. For any producer, director or agent who wants to hire me please contact me at This includes anyone in show business who wants to hire me.

ALBERT TORCASO Is For Hire as host, actor and other gigs 2

I'm looking to get hired for acting, hosting, producing, directing, videography or photography or other gigs. Thanks for watching Albert Contact e-mail

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ALBERT TORCASO Says Let Santa say Ho, Ho, Ho!

It is nonsense to stop Santa from saying Ho, Ho, Ho.

As for offending women.

I say your offending women of the night by dehumanizing them.

Was it not Jesus who said judge not lest you be judged?

Then why should anyone of us judge any person?

Tuesday's at 6::00 pm EST time Watch Humanity Matters on PCTV 21 and online at


Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many

Saturday, November 17, 2007

ALBERT TORCASO Tells about his friend who has died. My fellow, friends, leaders, and community

My fellow producers, community, leaders, friends, and family. I must inform you that Pittsburgh, our community, and PCTV 21 have lost a friend and brother. Our family member, Greg Twyman, Greg passed away this week.

His physical presence is now gone but, his spirit, zest for life and creativity will live on forever. We, the people, who knew him and cared about him can honor his spirit by living each day with the love of life he had.

We can still create great programs and do our best to bring joy and insight to the audience as he did.

We can also remember that Greg has left us for, but a moment for even if we live another fifty to one hundred years it is, but a moment in time and a second in the afterlife.

We will be saddened that we have lost another member of our family, our community, in our lives, but we can feel happy that Greg is now without any pain or sadness and he is in paradise. Greg is a wonderful soul and that soul and spirit will remain with us forever.

So, I say to Greg, enjoy your time in paradise, brother, and when it is my time to join you in paradise we will celebrate our lives we had on earth and we will rejoice in the love and happiness we enjoyed with all the people we met, loved and interacted with.


Some people may feel it is wrong for me to tell the world of Greg’s passing to the next life, but Greg was a brother, a friend, and fellow human being

I care about and I had to express my feelings about this.

As for others who feel I am wrong all I can say is I am human and my feelings come out when a person I care about leaves us.

I will show a program Greg and I did titled What The Heck.

I will also say a few words on my next live show, Tuesday, Nov-6-2007 at 6:00 pm. And online at 6:00 pm

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

ALBERT TORCASO PRESENTS The amazing Keystone State Wrestling Alliance Pittsburgh Humanity matters

See the KSWA in action live Dec-1-2007. 7:30 pmIn Pittsburgh PA contact them today Be there and enjoy the KSWA action packed and top of the line professional Wrestling!!

See what nations visit us!

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