Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Using York Photo Is A Wise Choice.

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Choosing the correct film processor is more than just cost savings it's everything!

Hi everyone, I wanted to tell you about a trip I took in 1999 and how not having the correct film processing company cost me a roll of once in a lifetime photographs.
I had won a 4,000 dollar trip to the island of Turks and Caicos. It was fantastic and as beautiful as you can ever dream of and there are private islands there as well even Bill Cosby yeah, that

Bill Cosby owns a private island down there.

Anyway, I took many photographs while there. I would say at least one hundred and I had great photos that were beautiful and unexpected. I was able to have a wild iguana stop and wait for me to take a photograph of him / her and the tour guide was amazed. He said they never stop and interact with humans. He said he had done these tours for years and never saw that happen before. He asked me what did I do to get the

iguana to stop?

I replied that I only spoke to the iguana and believe it or not i asked the iguana to please allow me to take a photograph. It did and then once I was done I said thank you and the beautiful iguana left to be with the other


it was an island filled with them. Then I went and took more photographs of these wonderful islands and animals and throughout the trip.

I returned home a week later and sent the film to the Seattle Film Works for processing and let me tell you when I received the film back after paying them seventeen dollars I was extremely disappointed and upset. Only two of the photographs turned out and for them to get a full amount they made over twenty copies of the photographs. They sent two photos ten times each and the photographs were beyond blurred, they were useless. I called them to complain and they tried to come up with an excuse that I did a poor job photographing. I corrected them that they sent only two real photographs and they were F- rated in quality. I further explained that my other films from different companies worked and looked fine and that I used the same camera and lens so that there was no way it was on my end. At that point in my life I never bought another roll of

Seattle Film Works film.

Nor did I ever consider using their (Seattle Film Works.) processing again

When you are looking for expert quality development of your professional quality photography you need a competent photo lab to develop your photographs York Photo Labs does the job and with fast shipping, low prices and great result
I would advise you to consider using York Photo Labs.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Tool That Makes Us Crazy And SLAVES!!!

Money Is The tool that makes us crazy! Don't believe me? Listen to this. 

Before you read this post or listen to the podcast visit this site as it could send you on your path to success.

Think of what we do each day for money and we claim it's survival, how can it be survival when we knowing lie, or are being lied too? How many people did you think cared about you only to find when they left the school, college training or even being your dentist that they never even contacted you again? Not even on FaceBook or Twitter or worse you send a friend request and never even get a reply not even a no or no thank you. How many co workers or in my case people who used to work at the studio where I film my television show. No, my friends I am not wrong when I say most if not all of us are slaves to what I say in the podcast. Tune in.

Now, I can't speak for you or anyone, but I am sick of being a SLAVE!
What can I do about it? Tune into the entire podcast and learn what I am you can do about it , we can become FREE!! Tune in and learn.
SLAVES we shall break the chains of this nightmare That has a world of PAIN!  We will learn how to be truly free and forever have no more slavery! It can be done just listen. 

We must no longer be slaves to the tool that makes us crazy, but for us to do that we must start to earn money and earn it as an ongoing or residual income in this way we can start saving money and deciding on a business that we ant to start. It will be hard to start a business if you never learned anything about business, but there are many ways to learn.

I am in the Empower Network and if you get into the network you will learn many things including what it takes to start to earn an income or an online income. The thing about the EN = Empower Network is that you have mentors and you also have a sponsor as well as a team. If you will listen to what they ask of you and focus you will finally have the chance to earn an income and to earn it each month. Is it easy?Well, if you can do what is asked of you and the tasks are completed then you see money coming in I would say it was easy. If you do all that is asked of you, but you don't earn any money at first then it is a bit hard, if you work very hard and have no return then it's hard. If you keep working hard and your learning all that you need learn and still no income comes in I say this. Don't stop what you are doing because if you keep doing it you will finally start earning money. We must learn what we don't know and if we cannot comprehend it we must find people who can teach us what we don't know. I believe in you and that you will finally become free from the tool that makes us slaves.
I believe in you now, it's time that you believe in yourself
Albert Torcaso 

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Time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cat And Dogs PT1

Cats, Dog, and Humanoids PT1

I have had cats and one dog in my life since I was a young child and most have been cats. The reason is not because I love cats better than dogs, but a matter of space in the homes or apartments that I have lived in. I remember getting my first cat when I was a small child we got her from a neighbor her name was Alsa, we changed her name to Baby Girl now known as the original Baby Girl. We had another Baby Girl later in life Little Baby Girl and in the future we will have Little Baby Girl the second. Baby Girl was an amazing cat although I did not know that at first and truth be told we were not as close as I would have liked at least not at first. But, I found out how loving and caring she was over the years. She has been gone now for over twenty four years yet, I still miss her everyday.
I said she was amazing as were all of my babies in their own way, but Baby Girl was sweet and smart.

She once protected my hamster who had gotten out of the complex and ran into the living room and we did not even know and there was a small hole in the floor that we did not know about either and the hamster could have fallen and been killed, but, instead Baby Girl saved her life!

Yes, a cat saved a hamster’s life!

She covered the hole with her body and just kept meowing until we went to see what was going on and we found the hamster. She had protected it and was making sure that it did not get hurt. She followed us to the room with the complex and stayed there until she saw her family member safe in the complex.
Again, I know it seems made up and unbelievable however, that is exactly what happened. Amazing is it not? Well, move ahead about six years. I’m home for a visit (that’s another post) and I am watching Chiller Theater, a local horror movie,
Saturday night television show on WIIC / WPIX TV 11 In Pittsburgh PA.
The movie for that night was The Hills Have Eyes part one or two and there was a scene in which there was a break in and killing. At almost the same time Baby Girl started crying while staring at a kitchen window by our back porch and she kept meowing and louder by the second. I said mom, I’m going to the kitchen and getting the knife it was a large butcher knife!
I snuck to the closet with the knife and go toward the window and find a man trying to lift the window and then trying to open the door to break in! I say to the man come on in MF yeah, the profane word and tell him come on in MF and I’ll kill your a_s! Well, because of

Baby Girl

He never got in the house that night. Then about three months later I was visiting home again and it was early morning and this punk did break in this time, but thanks to Baby Girl’s crying my mother woke up, turned on the light, and I woke up bitching about the light. My mother said the guy was in the house I said I don’t give a damn who was in the house turn off the light I am trying to sleep! She said no that guy who tried to break in before got in this time.
I woke up and took this man who was about six foot four and I was about thirteen and five foot three, I grabbed him got him out of the house told him I would kick his as_ and I threw him off my porch.
I have no idea how I got the power and guts to do it but I did.
Thanks to Baby Girl my sister was not raped and this man never got money those two attempts her awareness and heroic deeds saved lives. As I said, she was and is amazing. She now resides in paradise, but is still amazing. I miss you, Baby Girl.
Another of my cats was Ebony Midnight. He was so sweet and affectionate. As for amazing, things he did I don’t recall much at this time that is not until he was a week away from dying from a cancer that took most of his face.
I hate not having much income most of the time as you can’t do all that you would for your children or anyone for that matter. Anyway, A week before he passed away I got the flu and he was worried about me coming to me to comfort and being so sweet. I said Ebony, you’re the one who’s sick I’m worried about you, honey, but he stayed with me and took care of me.
I will make another chapter to this post on my next post so tune in and find out about Cassie, Mickey, Precious Princess, Little Angel Miracle Joy, and Little Baby Girl. There are others that were, as wonderful future posts will tell their stories as well.
The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
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Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Unexpected Pretzel And The Pretzel Shop.

Let me ask you a question do you like soft pretzels?

Do you eat them at baseball  games, football games and other events?

Do you like them with cheese, mustard or other toppings?

Such as cinnamon, or garlic, or pepperoni? 
Well, we have a Pretzel in the SouthSide of Pittsburgh that has all those great ways to eat a pretzel and more even pretzel sandwiches! 

Now, that is great enough, but here is something that could floor you! They have small pretzels for fifty cents a piece! 

Don't sound shocking until you understand that their small pretzels are as large as any other vendors medium and their mediums are eighty cents and in reality they are large. Their large pretzels are as large or larger than most stadium, ball park, amusement park or other events pretzels and get this the cost for these large pretzels are less than two dollars. They also have many other types of great treats so, get yourself there if you live in Pittsburgh, PA or you happen to be visiting go there and get your soft pretzel fix.

Here is where you can go to have the best of the best and for less!
2316 E Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Neighborhood: South Side
(412) 431-2574

I love eating their pretzels with cheddar and nacho cheeses and their brownies taste great as well, but what I like best are the pretzels now, don't get me wrong the pretzel sandwiches as well and the hot sausage one tastes great. 

If you want low cost great taste and fun then you go to the 
Pretzel Shop On East Carson Street on the SouthSide Of Pittsburgh and bring the family as you will see they will enjoy it just as much as you. 

I like my pretzels warmed up and they will do that for you if you ask so ask. You will need cash no debit cards or credit just cash, but I believe they may have an ATM machine a block away, just use cash and you will be fine.

The shop is small in size and huge on taste and you will walk in there and just smell the great aromas see the pretzels and other great treats on the shelves on the right side of the shop are the pastries like the brownies, crispy treats and more. Ahead of you will be the pretzels, left front are the pretzel sandwiches and more. 

The left side holds the sodas and teas in the cooler.

Hang Up the phone.

One rule at the shop is they won't wait on you if you're on the phone so just hang it up and relax. After all, you are there to enjoy buying your food and then go and eat it. Give yourself time to enjoy time with yourself or family and friends, just give yourself time.

In closing: Most of us want to have a great experience at least sometimes in our life this place is one place that you are going to feel good about going to and then if you are there in the spring or summer down the road about two miles or so is Page's Dairy Mart where you will taste some of the best ice cream and other treats around! And guess what? You can bring your dog and they get a bone in their ice cream! Another reasonably priced establishment. 
Look for them to open by mid March each year.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Online Money Has Come To Me!

I really earned money!

Yes, I really earned money online from one of my web sites and it happened because I started blogging every week at least twice a week. This happened before I came to Empower Network the blogging twice or more per week. I also would send a shout out to my Google circles and by adding key words. As a result, my other blog site has obtained over 13,000 new visitors and a total of 85 countries have citizens that have visited me. Now, that I am here at Empower Network I am learning that you need to blog everyday even if you are tired. Yes, that is a bit hard, but if you do it people will eventually find you. As for advertising, it needs to be done even if it is only a small amount. Now, as for getting all in I would say if you have the money by all means do it! It is not spending money if you are making your money back and so much more! As for writing each night, I have heard, read some posts or news stories or other blogs give credit to the source of the blog and then re - word the blog, story or article and that is okay I guess, but I believe that you can read blogs or articles that give reviews or opinions then you can give your points of view on the matter or issue. I think the best way to blog however, is to just start writing a brand new blog of your creation and in this way you learn how to be a better writer and you don't need to credit anyone for your work. Sure, giving credit is great, but being a creator of content is great! I do it all the time including this one. In fact, I am tired and have research to do for my television show which airs at 6:00 pm Est Time Tuesday 3-5-2013. I have to create a format and more yet, I am here getting this work done.

Now, back to the earning money online.

I earned my first ever online money this month March 2013. It took nine years as I never knew about key words or sending it to my circles or friends. Since doing that, I have gained over 13,000 more visits and earned some amount of money. Each month it is important the income I speak of came from Google Adsense ads on my mainstay television, contextual, and podcast posts. As for Empower Network, I need to learn it and I hope to do so soon. If I can I will earn lots of income if I don't I will not earn hardly any or nothing at all. As a result, even though there is so much that I don't know how to do yet I feel I will learn it as I am not a quitter. I don't know most of what I need to know, but will finally learn it as fast as possible. I also will be all in as soon as I can scrape up the cash to be all in. If I had the cash or could get a loan you bet I would be all in today and I would be taking my ass to each and every event. I am not allowing myself to lose a penny of cash and it's high time I, as well as all of you,


And earn every possible way you can. If you only do three things each day do these.
  1. Blog.
  2. Read.
  3. Market advertise.
That's only three of the eight core things and you need to do all eight, but if you can't do all eight right now due to lack of capital I say do these three. When you earn money put it away don't spend a penny until you can go all in! Buy every product attend every event and learn it all. Yeah, David may call me or even you a Wussy, but somehow I don't think he would think that of us if we don't yet and can't yet get the money. I will say this. You are a


if you have the money and you're SCARED to use it on Empower Network, if you have it use it and learn then odds are you will start earning an income.

If you are not a member of this life changing network get in now!

Not convinced you will be

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. Albert Torcaso 

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Hard To Do, But Being Done.

You know

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.
Albert Torcaso

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

It Could Be Your Business!

Mind your own business ? 

Should you mind your own business when it comes to family or friends relationships? That is actually it is both a yes and no answer and I will explain what I mean.

It is not your business

If you have  a couple in a relationship and they are having a good and or normal relationship then you should not interfere with their relationship as it is normal and what most of us hope for and it is their private business. They may be co workers, school sweethearts or the like and they go out dating or engage in all that comes with romances, this is normal as should raise no alerts unless the couple is under the age of eighteen. If they are not of legal age they should be counseled on sexual education and theirchoices of abstaining from sexual activities or using birth control. I prefer that they speak with older adults be it their parents, counselor, pastor, older sibling, or someone they admire and respect. Sex is enjoyable, but not realizing the consequences could be life changing such as an unexpected pregnancy or even a sexually transmitted disease.

It Is Your Business!

In this scenario it is one hundred percent your business. What if you find out third hand that a man or woman is being abused or cheated on in the case of the cheating I feel this must be told to the person since it can impact their lives on so many levels that many people do not even think of if they live together it may affect their bank account, their credit, their friendships ETC. and it shows that this person is dishonest and can't be trusted. What happens if the innocent person lends the cheater money or enters into business with such a person? Therefore, you have every right to let the friend or family member know what is going on and you let them know that you care. Some will say why can't you let them live their own life? You are letting them do that, but why put them in danger of losing money, friends, jobs, or whatever else this cheater and dishonest person would have done to them.

It is your business and duty to alert them and or law enforcement in the case of abuse!

In the case of abuse of a man, woman, child or animal by all means it is your business to butt in. How many women and men have we heard of being harmed or killed by current husbands, estranged husbands, ex - husbands, ex - wives, ex - girlfriends or estranged wives? Don't we know yet that there are people out there that are deadly due to instability or possession of that person, child or animal. Should we allow our friends or loved ones be harmed or killed just to not upset them? I say heck no! We must do all that we can to help and support them sure, they may hate us for it, but could we live with their deaths should that happen? Would it not be a better solution to find ways for them to meet new potential mates or even casual relationships for them?  Almost everyone likes a no strings fling in their lives now and again.

It happens sometimes 

Okay, now you have an idea of when  to and when not to get into other people's business, but there are times when you will get into their business because of misinformation if this happens it is because some other person was lying, or misinformed and you acted on what you knew sounded like the situation needed intervention in order to protect your family, friend, co worker, college, or some person that matters to you. As for minding your business in a real business if you don't do all that you need to do you will soon be without a business and not receive any profit or satisfaction. 

Change your life  /almostasecret.php?id=altorcaso

Take action now and make the change in your life. /sellingtrick.php?id=altorcaso 

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties

Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many.

Albert Torcaso 

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