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It Can Make You Want To Quit, But I Won't!

Update  on May -12-2013 my cat 
Cochise Who Walks With Pride Died.

I am dedicating myself to learning all that I must learn and I will earn an online income very soon! Why? Because, I demand that I earn money to stop my family from suffering and dying due to lack of funds for needed health care  treatments and I dedicate all of my success to my family both living and dead.

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It can make you want to quit I have to admit that these last eight weeks have been very tough and as a matter of fact the truth is my life has always been tough. 

Since 2008. I can’t afford almost anything and even the mail can bring super amounts of stress to one’s mind, body and soul. 

I can’t afford cable, Verizon Fios, Dish Network which really is the best value of them all. 
I know this because I have had Dish Network, Direct TV, Warner Cable, Qube Cable, Verizon Standard and Comcast Cable. None of them even compare to Dish Network. 

However, five years ago we lost much more income than we expected to so I can’t even afford the basic 29.99 plan Dish. As to why I am writing this post at this time. I found the Empower Network two months ago February 2013. I want to get all in! How can I do that? I can’t yet, I will somehow just not yet. But, I have been doing the blogging, the reading and now the 90 videos in 90 days contest. 

I also post links on FaceBook, Twitter, my mainstay blog so far to no real results.

Now, I start the video contest and surprise, surprise! My video camera stopped working correctly. The newer HD camera works however, the software on both computers reject the camera or both computers freeze up! I still won’t accept it. 

I decided to use the HD camera even if none of the software will work or it keeps freezing up. I figure that maybe somehow I can get it to accept it, find other software or find another computer to create the edited videos as well as upload them to all the sites in addition to entering them into the Empower Network video contest.

I will tell you it’s hard to keep going! As well as writing a blog post each day when you see no results then you want to advertise in Google, FaceBook, other sites and gain those new members, but no matter what you do it amounts to being for not.

Yet, though it does depress me a bit as well and stresses me out when many things don’t work. I keep going for I will see the light I will succeed even in the face of great obstacles and since little or no one is going to see or read this or any post that I write at least until I am able to get eyes on the site. 

What I write I guess is mostly for me. I do hope that you will one day read this and see that I did get through this, I kept going and I found a way to succeed. Yes, I have those thousands of views maybe millions now. Empower Leadership Role. 

I have that Empower Network Leadership Role many listen to me on Empower Hour Calls, but back in May-1-2013 my struggles were so great that I felt like giving up. I had videos cameras, computers and internet connections that did not work! Did that stop me? No!, It delayed me, it embarrassed me with the distortions it made when the screen would turn me into some warped picture that is hard to describe, but I still kept going. 

If by some chance you should see this post now as I still struggle as I have bad cameras, little or no money for advertising and little knowledge of how to do SEO or be an internet marketer.  

It Can Make You Want To Quit, 

But I Won't. Know this, that won’t stop me so start following me, start looking at my blogs or  
YouTube page because you will bear witness to my great success in the coming months, years, better than that join my team now, stay in the fight to success with me and we will become successful together. if I am willing to post unprofessional looking videos online because of the importance of inspiring you as well as myself then what else might I be willing to do to succeed?

 It Can Make You Want To Quit.

But I will do whatever it takes and though I feel like quitting I shall not quit, I shall not retreat, I shall not let roadblocks stop me or your success! Look at past posts It is time for you to join my team. 
Start your success today. 

 It Can Make You Want To Quit. But Never Quit!


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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Humanity Matters Believe In Yourself.

 Give yourself a new chance in life

Believe In Yourself.
This episode focuses on you and how you need to believe in yourself. It also gives you ideas on how you can overcome many of the problems that tend to stop us from achieving  all that we can achieve. It is time for you to sit back in your chair or seat or wherever you happen to be and get ready to start believing in the power of belief in one's self. No, this is not some guru stuff or anything about visualizing it's just about the truth which is that you matter, you can achieve everything you want and that there is a power in you that can never be defeated.

In order to succeed and be able to learn what you must learn in order to be successful ans an online business owner you must 
 Believe In Yourself.

Some of the most successful people on earth read everyday, study, listen to audio messages and positive messages everyday these people also find mentors and many are super wealthy. You can achieve great success just start learning how to Believe In Yourself.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 
Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso 


Look to Humanity Matters Dot Org For Content, Information, Entertainment And For Great Deals On Products & Services That You Need. 

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Friday, May 10, 2013

I Don't Know What To Blog About, But I Still Will Write.

 I Don't Know What To Blog About.

Yeah, everyone, you read that correctly. I don’t know what to talk about today or for that matter for many days now and maybe that is in fact the point. How can that be the point? Well, I’m here writing even though I don’t know what to write about and I have been stuck with writer’s block for weeks now, but I am not about to stop speaking my mind or attempting to make our world a better place.

The truth is I don’t feel that this post has much value even though I am writing it I feel that it is important to write something and what this post may do is help those of you who are also going through writer’s block maybe somehow it will inspire you to just get to writing even if it’s writing about nothing.

You know it’s odd that I am having this writer’s block and I guess a bit of a depression. I should in fact be happy! I solved a problem that I had with one of my bills that took over seventeen months to fix it. It’s fixed now therefore, almost two years of stress finally gone. As for the world of news, I also am overjoyed at the freedom of those three women who were finally found in the Cleveland, Ohio area and I could have wrote a blog on that, but as of late it’s just not happening.

Darn it, I can’t afford to not write and I won’t leave all of you hanging like that. I do know that another part of this is that it seems no matter what I do I can’t yet get any online income going then when I start learning what needs to be done to finally earn an online income my computers and cameras start not working correctly. This leads me to getting overstressed, tired then not posting or uploading videos which in turn means all of you think that I have abandoned you and my blog. Well, know this. I may go through broken computers, cameras or no internet access, but
Upper case letters used to point out a truth.

Just to illustrate a point as I write this I am also trying to edit my latest episode of Humanity Matters and the software keeps freezing up or the computer goes black, crashes or just completely locks up. Now, I have over 40 videos that I have created that could in fact have impact on all of our lives, but if the videos can never be uploaded causing no person to be able to see them then the impact never happens. No person is inspired and I am left feeling defeated once more.
Maybe now you will understand why there has not been any posts since April 18 2013, but I am going to find a way to upload these videos somehow and when I do I hope that all of you will return to Humanity Matters Dot Org and start being inspired then going on and doing things you never thought possible as well as having the greatest success of your lives. 

I want you to start that great success today and I have a membership in the Empower Network. I have learned so much and I will eventually be earning more money than I have ever earned because of I what I am learning through them, my sponsor and through reading old and new books about marketing, internet streams of income and as much as I can about owning my own internet or offline businesses. I strongly recommend that you review the site's advertisement then consider joining up as you will receive a great education on what it takes to be successful on or offline in business. 
They are mainly focused on the marketing aspects of business however, they do teach you about every aspect and the best part is they even have a blog with some training that is free of charge. That means you can learn how to earn and learn some of it for free! Now, are you asking yourself Albert, why are you still writing just give me that link please. Okay, I will just remember that I also have learned from them that you just don't embed a link in your content and expect people  to go there you must give your viewers a reason to click on it and want to be part of what you are speaking about so here is that link that could change your life. Scratch that! This Empower Network will change your life it has changed mine already. Life Changer.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso 

Sometimes standing up for one makes you a leader of many. 
Albert Torcaso  

Http:// Look to Humanity Matters Dot Org For Content, Information, Entertainment And For Great Deals On Products & Services That You Need. 

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