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No Animal Or Human Should Die Like THAT!

 No Animal Or Human Should Die Like THAT!

I wrote the original post on my birthday last year and trust me it still hurts just to read this post. Once more, I suspect it will always hurt and there is but one way to relieve the pain and sorrow I must succeed in one or more of my businesses which is about to happen. I have no CHOICE I must succeed to honor my deceased cats, my dog and all of my human family and friends living or deceased.

To that end let me say this I will succeed even if not one person joins my teams or buys an item from me at present as I will finally find the way to get people to buy from me and join my teams.

Look, I am working like never before on each of my businesses and soon I will be able to show proof of financial gains in the online businesses that I am in. Once this happens, I believe thousands of viewers, subscribers, listeners and more will be wanting to be on my team.
I believe you who read each post will become customers and or buyers one day soon as I will give proof of success.

Once I am earning three hundred dollars a day or more I believe many will believe and join the team. Don't worry I will produce videos that show the proof and at least one way in which I am making the income.

For now, please read this post from last year that still hurts today and gives me cause to worry about my remaining cats that are alive at present.


No Animal Or Human Should Die Like THAT!

Today Is January-25-2013,
It's my birthday, but instead of being happy and looking forward to celebrating my birth with family and friends or opening presents I am extremely sad because three of my cats died within a month. Two were mine and one was a stray that we loved and wanted to take home and save her life, but she was so abused and afraid as people had abandoned her before that she no longer trusted humans and would only take food thrown outside for her and only when people were in a house or far away. Even though we could not save her in life or in death we know she is in Heaven and we named her Shy Annabel.
I also told her spirit that we loved and love her and to go into the light to go to Heaven. I said I am sorry that we could not save her that she is ours and we will see her in Heaven. I told her if I have to chase her around Heaven I would because when we meet again I will be holding her and hugging her. I must tell all of you writing this post hurts so much that it feels like ten knives stabbing all at once.
The real reason my cats are dead is I had enough money to take them to the Veterinarian but not have any blood work done as it was too costly and when they got sick I could not afford to take them until Jan 2013 and not even the so called humane society would allow me to pay in as a result they died.
More about the stray cat now known as Shy Annabel
Shy Annabel was hit and killed by a vehicle then wild animals took her body away before we could take it to have a burial! I lost three wonderful animals one of which Little Baby Girl, my cat and loyal child, saved my life less than an hour before she died. How?

I was ready to give up I said to her I am tired of being a financial failure and not being able to save your life if you want me not to give up the show, web sites, podcast and almost everything I have done then give me a sign. 

I was thinking if she had any strength she might twitch an ear or blink, but she found the power to move toward me and even put her paw (hand) in mine that tore me up and I cried like a small child.

Yeah, tough as nails me. In fact, as I type this I have tears in my eyes the courage and devotion that she shown to me is a love that few have known from human or animal and after she did that I promised to do all that I can to succeed and earn an income. It may not happen who knows, but I am going to work longer and harder than I have ever worked in my life.

I owe it to Little Baby Girl, Megan Brianna and all of my human and animal family members who now reside in paradise (heaven) as such this is why I am in battle mode and it will last forever until I not only succeed financially for myself, but until I am.
I demand a change in the lives of myself, my family, my nation and our world. 
Let us no longer accept suffering due to lack or loss of income, let us have a world of abundance.
I Am Really Upset With What Is Happening To My Family And Me. If You Care About Us At All Listen To The Podcast Too Many Deaths It Is More Than I Can Handle! And E-Mail me with helpful ideas or some way that we can stop this tragedy.

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life. a coffee product that creates wealth. a place to learn marketing, earn an income while having a life.

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Grateful or gratefulness of which I have much and this is the very reason that it has taken me four weeks to write this article. In fact, it may be more of a list of what I am grateful for rather than a post the following words below will decide that and as I write this even I know not the outcome. 

You may say you, the writer, must know what you will write or at least you should know, that may well be true however, I write as I feel as so many of history’s most famed writers have done. I may never be considered a great writer, but I shall always remain true to my feelings and to those who choose to read my words and thoughts.

You see why now I know not of what this article / post will be. The fact is I am very grateful for you, each of you from lands around the world such as India, Russia, China, Belgium, Great Britain and many more who choose to read my words. The fact is there are billions or trillions of web sites and or blogs, to think among all of them I have real viewers or subscribers is overwhelming.

Yes, each word, video or link to podcast or other sites or even other ads is all done with you in mind and you have my gratitude. I have been told I like to hear myself talk well, here’s the truth. That is not true at all the fact is if I wanted to hear myself talk I could be on my Talk Shoe Talk show doing podcast one or more times a day and at two a day per everyday of the year I would have 730 new episodes a year. I don’t yes, I have over 452 episodes, but each of those has meaning and a reason behind them.

I do every episode, podcast or contextual post to entertain, inspire, educate, inform, or help improve lives in any way that I can. Yes, I know some or many of you are sick of my advertisements and may even feel I’m pushing them down your throats I’m not. And there really are reasons for the advertisements and or links, some really can save you lots of money, some may save you enough to shock you. Others are for the purpose going to sites that really can help you learn to make an online income.

You must understand I am at WAR! YES, WAR, I am legally, peacefully fighting to change the lives of myself and family. I know it seems that each home-based business or online business are scams however, the truth is many people out there are making their living completely from online businesses, or home-based businesses it’s also a fact that people are making money from selling items or being affiliates in an almost unlimited way. Some include affiliate marketing, Craig’s List, Amazon, eBay, or other seller / buyer based web sites. People have their own or belong to memberships sites forms and MLM’s there really are millions of ways to do it, but every single one requires knowledge! I belong to a few of these membership sites and have been promoting each for at least six months now.

Here’s the deal. I believe fully once learned, each of the four businesses I am in will turn my financial situation around 180 degrees. I believe before long I will be earning the amounts of money that almost all dream of, but few ever obtain and the reason I will achieve this is because of knowledge as well as action. Yes, many other factors will go into it like desire, vision, determination, adaptability and more. Do you possess these skills and can you join me in this WAR on poverty, inadequate funds or servitude to a dead end job? Do you have every skill and desire that you need? Maybe yes or maybe not yet, but I know that you can learn them.

Look, you can do this I know you may never had many chances in life or may be among the wealthiest people on earth, yet your time management and free time is all but gone and you have little or no family time. Every single one of you can learn the skill sets and be free! Will it be easy? Really, I can’t say yes or no. Again, this depends on what efforts you put into it. My advice, look at this as your second or third job whichever number you need to attach to it.

Then consider that once learned this so called job could have the potential to earn you life changing income.  Sobering fact is that as we face the learning curve or fear of even starting this journey we are losing out on millions of dollars. I was on eBay earlier this week looking something up and I happen to see one seller with over 600,000 items up at one time! Yeah, I was even shocked! They have software that allows this to be done and outside software programs that can do it. I looked at a few items and each were at least five dollars now, times that per item and you see this is over a million dollars of inventory right there!

The point? Millions of dollars are being made from online businesses so find your way into an online business be it on your own, with me or some other way and once you do it let me know!

Why did I write a few hundred words on this instead of the why I am grateful? I want you to know all that I do is for a reason and I want you to know the real me as well as remind you that you are very special to me and that we are special in many ways. You may not see it that way, but where else do you go that the people really care about you as a whole and they are not paid to care, not faking caring, not doing it for any other reason than they love you spiritually want the best for you and would love to see you really become financially well off or wealthy! And darn it! YES IT CAN HAPPEN!

Believe it and so it shall be!.

Now, why am I grateful well, I may someday have another post or many more titled Grateful 2, 3, and who knows.

Here are the thoughts in my mind at this very moment that I write this post.

I am grateful for all of these reasons and though some may seem odd or even at face value trivial or laughable I mean every single one.
Updated comments: I missed a few people and animals I forgot to list and they were upset and disappointed about it, they thought I forgot them or did not care.
I also have to let you know I will be doing a second post about my cats and my dog, Cassie Sweetheart, and about how I believe a supernatural occurrence happened when she ran away from home. Expect an interesting post my friends as I never hold anything back.

ü  I am alive I was supposed to die at age two as I had an affliction that at the time the life expectancy was 2 to 12 years old if you survived the surgery at all. I had a relation who passed at 12 from what I had. Again, I’m fifty years old at present in this current lifetime. Yes, I believe in Heaven and in re-incarnation.
ü  I am alive! Twice I list this? Sure, over the entire history I am alive and billions of humans are no longer with us I wish they were, but they are not.
ü  My family who is always there for me and Annette even when Annette gets me upset she is there for me and in life there are few people you can count on. I can count on my sisters, Annette and a few friends.
ü  My animals, heck, my children! My cats and deceased dog Cassie Sweetheart have been the reason I never completely gave up on finally making a living in the talk show business or other media forms, drama or online. My cats even try to take care of me when I am sick.
ü  One of my online internet businesses mentors Raza Begg
ü  I can talk and need no device such as Stephen Hawkins does. I like him by the way.
ü  I can walk without any assistant such as a walker, cane, or anything I’m blessed.
ü  I can eat again, unassisted as well as no special diet or medical diet.
ü  I can write! That’s something considering most of it is self taught!
ü  I can and was taught about thirty four years ago how to drive and have been driving since! Thanks to my second father, Albert R’ Goldsmith, Thanks, Dad, wherever you may be in paradise or in the cosmos! Thanks again, dad!
ü  I am a television talk show host and own Humanity Matters Live, the talk show, the podcast Humanity Matters Podcast and Humanity Matters Dot Org the web site.
ü  I own the U.S copyrights to the works of Humanity Matters and the rights to the web site!
ü  I am a U.S copyrighted author twice! Yes, I wrote a manuscript for a film.
ü  I am in a nation the United States that I can drive from town to town and city to city, state to state without needing a passport or to go through a military check point at least not yet, and I hope it never will be! We must petition our government or governments to keep freedom or to create freedom for all SEVEN BILLION people on earth!
ü  I own my own home and have a place for shelter.
ü  I have access to heat, clean water, electricity, a bed.
ü  I have furniture.
ü  I have a computer, as well as access to the internet.
ü  I have each of you that are loyal friends of my blog.
ü  I have faith, I have hope, I believe in God, Jesus and in my ability to succeed.
ü  I have been able to interview people I have adored and was honored to meet them.
ü  I am free of any brain disorders and don’t have any diabetes.
ü  I have legs, arms that move a mind that thinks, eyes that see, ears that hear, a mouth that speaks and can eat foods.

That’s what I can think of at this time and I hope to think of so much more. Now, to anyone who has any ailments or disabilities that I listed I am in no way being insensitive to you and honestly wish no human or animal had any illnesses or ailments. I mention them in the list because I know how tough it can be to have any of those things or so much more and I want all who read these words to take the time to reflect on the gifts that they do in fact have. I am hopeful that they will work on the things they have and as I am speaking of so called disabled people or disabilities let me say that many who have little or no limbs, sight, hearing or speech have achieved greatness.

History and even the present shows us this to be true, if truth be told none of us have disabilities unless we GIVE UP, use them as an excuse. Consider there was a boy with no ears, but found a way to hear! Christopher Reeve (Superman) while in a wheelchair and needing a machine to move was able to star in and direct a film a few years before he passed away.

Why mention these things? Because you can achieve anything once you decide to do it, seek the knowledge and take the actions needed for success. Don’t let anything stop you and live a life of gratitude.

I know we will achieve what seems impossible, I know that what I speak of with regards to earning income online is being done by others every second of every day and that if we will decide to move forward and works as hard as we must we will do the impossible as well and become immensely successful as online affiliates, marketers, or even eBay or Craig’s List success stories.

Don’t believe there are those many billions or trillions of dollars being made online I suggest you start reading Forbes magazine or Time or a thousand other places. FaceBook alone is worth billions of dollars and there are ways for you to cash in on that as well.

Bottom line, stop your doubts, start believing and yes, be grateful.

I am also extremely grateful for each of you! THANK YOU, FOR BEING HERE!
Do me a great favor, get yourself a free trial at Amazon with Amazon Prime for thirty days and watch unlimited films, television episodes or download Kindle content you just may learn a new skill set 100% free.

Please also try one of the links to the Empower Network the mail is free and if you will learn I believe you will earn. I can’t promise a penny, but knowledge is power, knowledge that is applied is powerful and life changing!

One more thing. I am grateful for is after a month I finally finished the hardest ever post that I have written, hard because I don’t want to forget one reason that I am or should be grateful for and I am grateful for the fact that I know that one can never really remember or even know all that they should be grateful for, we often don’t know what we have until we are in danger of losing it or have lost it.

Just think as I composed my post here my heart beat thousands of times and do most of us even think of that? Or that we can type or listen to songs?
Or millions of other reasons to have gratitude. Let us think each second of this for at least a few minutes, hours or days. Have a safe, great, helpful, grateful day.

Go click here and maybe in two months you will have made your first online income.  Look to Humanity Matters for information that will improve your life.  a place to learn marketing, earn an income while having a life.  join the e-mail list and learn the secrets. a coffee product that creates wealth.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

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