Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I Love People, But Dang! Stop Hurting Yourself!

I Love People, But Dang! 
Stop Hurting Yourself!

Okay, I love people, but BOY O BOY! Can people hurt themselves by not listening or having the courage to listen.

Look, it's simple you go to.

You read all the tabs, go to the order page and click learn more the one on the right side you then join for free.

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Riddle me this BatmanWould you rather work forty years or more end up with only 40 % of the already low compensation at retirement or would you rather work for yourself and be able to have one or more of these toys?

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That is worth shouting about world, that is worth shouting about!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly. 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

We Are Interconnected

We Are Interconnected.
We must all strive to improve our lives by improving the lives of others.
Albert Torcaso

We must strive to improve our lives by improving the lives of others. 
One reason is that it is overwhelmingly easy to look out only for yourself or family we have even been taught to do so, but in truth that is the great lie told to billions of people on this earth.

Have you ever wondered why we are groomed in such a manner?
My honest opinion is to divide and conquer the majority of humanity.

You think not? Do yo?

Well, like Yoda might say see you do not, Eyes are opened, but see you do not.

Think about it how many times have people in your life tried to scam you or get more from you than they render on to you?

Look, at the grocery stores claiming you'll receive a free turkey for Thanksgiving if you spend 250.00 - 600.00 in a given time period.
In truth, that turkey cost you in circulation of your funding the amount of money that you could have bought the largest turkeys they sell over ten times.

You're not getting a free turkey at all you're being manipulated into buying more than you need or to feel guilty in some way if you don't circulate enough funds to earn said turkey.

Everywhere we go we see the out for me mindset even in churches, temples, mosques, universities, governments and even friends. 

How? In churches, temples, mosques in the form of tithes, dues or the like and with these television so called men and women of God.

Trust me The Lord God won't condemn you for not giving to any of them. 

If you have it and just don't want to give and there really are people or animals receiving help from these donations then yes The Lord God may be angry and surely 

The Lord God would not be pleased. At the same time sending you to a bad place because of it? 
No, Any forgiving God may question your actions to be sure, but 
The Lord God is filled with love and compassion ask and ye shall receive forgiveness I believe.

You see the world has been fooled by evil and those who wish all of us to be their slaves, servants and unaware zombies, yet there are millions of people such as I am who want the best for you, humanity, animals, plants and the earth so we keep moving ahead even in the face of rejection and in what many believe impossible to achieve harmony, equality and a world of compassion, selflessness and one where all people, animals live in peace.

Where all have the income needed to circulate the funds to meet our needs.

Those of us who really have your best interest at heart must battle through those who do not.

You see, I have shown you many ways to earn an additional income, yet not one has believed enough to join and the reason is clear so shall we shout that word out?

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You must treat this or any business seriously that means putting in the activity, now, you can make money in it and you will have training, but you must do the work.

Is it hard? Not really, I work my business daily and the best part is I decide, when, how, where, all in my control.

Now, many will see this as a promotion of our business what they don't get is that we are interconnected all of us, but fail to act as one as a unit to see that your life as important as mine as all lives, instead of working to see all thrive we have been fooled by those who would divide us to enslave us. 

For if we help one another thrive in life so that no person or animal is ever without their basic needs we will have made life on earth a close second to the paradise that awaits us in the great beyond also known as the afterlife.

And did you notice the different pictures of what many believe The Lord God looks like? I believe The Lord God is as real and alive as you, as real as the homes we live in. Yes, The Lord God is alive and is real and in a way that is why many are atheists. 

Why? Because if in fact The Lord God is real, then evil is also real, if evil is real and our actions are mean that means on one great day we must defend our lives, the actions we took and the reasons.

That said even those who have been evil can be in paradise if only they seek it by asking forgiveness then being a better person in this earthly life.

You wonder why I ask you to do my businesses or any business the reason is I want to see you have the abundance you seek and is promised to you.

Some wonder if I am now a scammer I assure you that would never happen my mission in all that one does is to affect a change that improves, extends and saves lives.

When I seek you as a business partner I seek you as a person that will help yourself, family, community, nation and the world one human being or animal at a time.

Be the solution not the problem that hurts us.

Albert Torcaso 


Tell me your experiences and if you would rather speak to the real me call me and we will speak about it.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.

Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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We The People of The United States of America And Earth

We The People of The United States of America

We The People of The United States of America must work to improve all levels of our lives and to not accept excuses, corruption, and indifference in Washington, nor our state capitols.

We must not allow corporations or special interest or any individual to gain undue influence with our members of Congress being that it is Congress that passes federal budgets.

And by default, decides on funding It is time now for all Americans to become self aware of their legal, civil and birthrights.

America was founded to create liberty for all not for the few, not for those with privilege, not for people of one pigmentation, gender, social class, those of or lack of financial means, religion or lack thereof it is not for those who have access to or lack of secondary education.

Be aware that America’s greatness is in the words of our Constitution, Declaration Of Independence and the Bill Of Rights.  

These are the words we must live each Day in America, with our very lives in how we live, teach, survive and prosper.

Far too long have our fellow Americans lost their chance at the American Dream or at least they thought it was lost.

That is not the case just perception. Make no mistake I am not saying that you have not faced roadblocks of all kinds, low paying jobs, low funds, lack of access to education, or what you have faced and lived with your entire life.

To be sure, it has been your reality as it has also been mine for many years so I know the truth, the pain, the hurt.

Here is the truth my friends, we cannot be stopped by anything once our mindset changes and even though what you will read from here on out may seem impossible or odd know that many of the richest people in history obtained their wealth from these types of mindsets and actions.

When your mindset changes the world and universe seems to change your life, your reality.
Yes, like books such as Think And Grow Rich, The Power Of Positive Thinking, The Science Of Getting Rich, The Secret the books and what they teach or attempt to teach really works.

Trust me for a long time I also believed it could not be true after all even after reading all these books nothing changed in my life.

You know why that was? I did not really believe it, some maybe, but not really.
Then I came across a group of people who were like gifts from God Mr. Montez  Moss, and others who care about you as a person first and your life enough to keep pushing you to get going and never stop.

Some People may wonder how this latest part of the post has any relation to the first part.

As one has said we must do better, but the truth is if we don’t do this first by ourselves then with mentors and the like it will never happen.

The sad truth is our governments, corporations, and many others will never fulfill the Promise Of America, will never bring abundance to you.

In fact our state and federal governments treat millions of Americans like fifth rate no class citizens.

Example: Needs based Americans are many times not allowed to have more than 2,000 dollars in their bank accounts, no savings, IRA’S Bonds, Stocks nothing!

Thus not allowing Millions Of Americans the access to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness.

We must see what has been hidden reveal what has been an illusion to many. Then we take action.

Instead of looking at the wrong things or roadblocks in our lives, our nation or world we work to make the change. We first make the change for ourselves then our families and expand it as far as we can.

Our first change comes not in our activism, outrage, cries for fairness, equality, justice or any of this our first change comes from our minds.

Our mindset can change worlds trust me Bill Gates is a real human being, but when he first set out to create Microsoft many thought he was insane and many abandoned him or took away their investments when they did not see early results.

What made Gates successful intelligence to be sure, but what really made him a success was his mindset, his willingness to do what others won’t do today to live like others can’t tomorrow. (I heard Javier Hernandez utter these very words) 
They echo in my brain and help me to stay on the path.

His determination to keep going when he has seemingly failed to never give up.

He, as most successful people succeed because of mindset then actions.

I say all this to say unto you that there are no limits to your success, only the limits your mind has set for you. It is time for you to break the chains and rise up like the champions you really are. I say unto you change your mindset, read, listen and watch these books, audios, webinars videos and do all that it takes to recreate your mind.

Our America is a great land, but if you are waiting for your American Dream it won’t come from our government, churches, temples, corporations, universities or any of what millions were taught to believe.

It won’t come from honest loyal, hard work or staying at your current job.
Your American Dream, Indian Dream, Cuban Dream, Israeli Dream or any nation on this great earth that you live in.

It won’t come from anyone but you and your starting a business, joining one, inventing or some other way of you earning and creating self employment,

The very first step is changing your mindset can you do it? YES!

Over the last few weeks I have done things I never thought I would Saturday September 26th 2015 I stopped a stranger in a Wal Mart and told him and his son about my business. I told him I was told there is no way you can just stop a stranger hand them a flyer and expect them to take or keep it. Well, I did just that and the man kept it!

A few months ago there is no way I would have done that, but thanks to positive thinking, mindset changes, Montez Moss, Rickey Titus  Ivan Ross, Javier Hernandez, Jane Walker and my belief in myself and Annette I now know the only one stopping me when I let him is 
Montez Moss has been a mentor, family member and a hero to me.

Dream big my friends, change your mindset and the universe will AMAZE YOU!

This device can save you thousands of dollars friends and a great second income if you are serious and work it.

Get Vstream 2 Media Center Today and goodbye cable and satellite bills!

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties. 
Albert Torcaso 

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It's Great To See It Again.

It's Great To See It Again

You know, my streaming device that streams movies, shows, live TV, live sports all in HD.
Well, I decided to put it to a test and searched for Voyagers an old TV show well as expected it was there the entire series.
This series was great the two would travel through time and get history corrected. 
Only thing that was not cool is you could not change history and there are many times one wants to change history. Sadly, the series went for one season only, yet had it gone more one expects there would have found a larger audience.

Bogg had a malfunctioning Omni that caused him to meet Jeffery. 
This series was great for an entire family to enjoy as well as learn history while being entertained.

Now, while I like this series one wanted to keep testing my streaming device so I looked for the 1960's series Lost In Space guess what every season, every episode was there! 

The best part is you're in control of what you want to watch when you want to watch and even on demand does not have that or most of these series. 

You never pay another fee with our streaming device other devices do have some fees, not ours. See it here.

I really liked Voyagers in fact have watched all but four episodes as of now.
By the way, was at an appointment last week and they had Maleficent.

On a DVD playing, when we arrived back home I did a search for it and boom! It was there. No fees, DVDs, DVR'S or Netflix needed. All there and all free for life.

As for series just for fun I looked up Judge Judy and they had her show even that day's episode. Judge Judy has been on for 20 seasons. 

As a friend let me say this to you if you love old, new series, films, live pay per view events and want over 100,000 movies & shows with only a one time fee and never another fee you need to see this site. 

We even have free 3d games on this baby! Give it a look and stop paying a bill to Satellite, Cable or Netflix ever again.

You're going to love this!

Ready to join for free and earn a second income?
The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

We Shall Have No Fear.

We Shall Have No Fear

A warped mindset in a group of people led to a horrible attack on 
The United States Of America fourteen years and nine days ago. 9-11-2015.

They hoped to place our nation and the world into a permanent state of fear as well as terror and in truth for many millions of people they have succeeded in doing so, but we must help those who live in fear once again be strong, to be brave to understand to live in fear is not to really live at all. 

We must not live in fear, we must make our nations,corporations, businesses,schools, churches, temples,and all places of worship stop living in fear as well as stop causing many to live in fear.

Our nations' governments have claimed to be protecting us by instilling a 
homeland security, or series of surveillance tactics that tracks all of their citizens, visitors and this policy may claim to be preventing additional terrorist attack. Indeed, some of them may have prevented said attacks, but at what cost?

When the people of the United States Of America and the world know that the 
United States no longer values it's own Constitution, Bill Of Rights And Independence then what are we protecting?

The famous line goes something like this Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death. I believe in those words, those values to live by for if we are a nation of all people being spied upon we have no civil right, no civil liberties, we have no freedom In America any longer.

This is exactly what the terrorists want, what they were trying to accomplish and the sad truth is our U.S and other governments gave them what they wanted.

It is a core reason why millions of Americans as well as people the world over live in fear.

We must utter these words once more and we must be ready to live or die by them. 
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death. Yes, to be sure we would face brutal attacks from terrorists, dictators, rogue nations and other enemies of the United States as would other democracies, but our combined militaries have battled dictators and war crazy nations before and have won. 

It is time we depend on our military and intelligence agencies once more they had protected America for over 217 years before the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993.

Let them keep protecting our great nation not by taking the easy way out looking at innocent people's phone, internet, mail not by having broken constitutional law, not by Congress enacting the Military Commissions Act Of 2006, 2009, The Suspension of Habeas Corpus, The Patriots Acts, and the NDAA Laws take away our rights and allow all Americans to be killed if claimed to be a terrorist.  


SHOUT OUT THE TRUTH MY FRIENDS, BE BRAVE, DO NOT LET THOSE WHO WOULD TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS Freely do so. Protest legally, Stand up for our nations, our liberty!

I like President Obama, but his actions on these matters are in whole and in part unconstitutional, unethical, And steals the spirit of the foundation of The United States Of America. President Bush started this bad road of descent, but President Obama continued and extended it.

I do believe both Presidents as well as members of Congress, and all who have enforced, or participated in these actions should face treason charges and not less than 20 years in prison for said actions. 

I like many of the people who have done this to our nation and world, but their actions are criminal.

Read why I have said as much.

On the 28th October 2009, President Obama signed the Military Commissions Act of 2009 [3] which amended the Military Commissions Act of 2006. The reform was formally necessary for the new administration because in 2006, Barack Obama was one of 34 senators who opposed the old legislation.
The new law no longer mentions ’illegal enemy combatants’, but “hostile non-protected enemies”. However, the main thrust remains – the inscription of the notion of ’enemy’ into criminal law, and thus the fusion of criminal and military law. But the term “belligerent”, which characterizes the notion of ’enemy’, widens the field of incrimination. It no longer concerns only combatants, but also “persons who are engaged in conflict against the USA”. The new definition also applies not only to people captured on or near a field of battle, but also to any individuals who act or even express solidarity with those opposing the US armed forces, or even simply the aggressive policies of the US government.
The end of Habeas Corpus for US citizens
The National Defense Authorization Act [4] signed by President Obama on the 31st December 2011 authorises the indefinite detention, without trial or indictment, of any US citizens designated as enemies by the executive. The individuals concerned are not only those who have been captured on the field of battle, but also those who have never left the United States or participated in any military action. The law concerns any person designated by the administration as “a member of Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, and who takes part in hostile action against the United States”, but also anyone who “substantially supports these organisations”. This formula enables an extensive and flexible use of the law. For example, it would enable the government to lash out at any civil defense organisations who seek to protect the constitutional rights of US citizens who have been designated by the executive as enemies of the USA.
Make not your mind be filled with confusion we must fully protect the great nations of The United States Of America as well as all people worldwide, but we must do so without losing the foundations of our free nations, we must not spy, oppress, repress, in prison any citizen who is innocent and then claim it is for our own good, our own security.
Franklin was correct when he said those who would exchange liberty for security deserve neither.
Many worldwide have exchanged liberty for security.
I remain defiant!

I say unto you who believe in freedom help to make our American nation and her people brave and strong again. Rise up legally and refuse to exchange your liberty for security do not fear the terrorist, do not fear our governments stand up for freedom and utter these words.
Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!
Fear no terrorists! Fear no government!

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The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!
Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

                 We Shall Have No Fear

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Friday, September 18, 2015

A Healing Episode.

A Healing Episode. 

This episode was more of a healing type episode and yes, it had the action we always provide yet it was a time for forgiveness and to explain one's actions.

What this show and we are really about is helping people as well as each other. This is why a show like this is a real reality show sometimes rough, sometimes as gentle as a lamb.

Life is real, we are real, but we want to help people heal and in truth live an abundant life.

For those who wish to stop paying for television forever and get more than you have now, go here.

You'll never pay cable or satellite again and get PPV fights 100% free.
I ask you to see this as a way for you to have more money in your wallet / purse. I want you to save and to WIN!

Save and earn an income. I need you to sign up today.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso

Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself!

Call me 412-422-1036 or 412-559-2731 Live abundantly.

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I Have Not Left The Blog.

You know, friends during the Elvis Presley  years Elvis would perform his concerts and people loved him so much many would stay for hours after to try and see him get an autograph and such. As a result they finally started announcing that 
Elvis Has Just Left The Building
I want you to know that 
Albert Torcaso Has Not Left The Blog

It's true I have not posted any new content in a month. There were some very tough things we were going through all the more reason I should have posted here.

Look, I'll share a secret with you even when you're moving ahead in life and with your dreams or business you're going to be hit super hard with stress, grief and the lot. 

Don't you give up don't you even for a second think I'm done!

That is when finally you'll start seeing some light in some way even on my worst days when I feel like giving up I won't that's because I know we can achieve what we seek.

While it's true I did not post all this time you can believe there were many thoughts about each of you and how one needed to post again. What happened the entire month really two months? Well, I've been dealing with getting this business going and I had a lot of stress plus some medical news that was more stress.

What I'll share with you is this. I never even considered not posting it was just with all the stress I had writer's block and was super tired. I'm even tired now, but there is no way I will allow any of you to think I abandoned you so this is but one of a new series of posts.

For now, remember that your dreams and goals are able to become a reality you just have to decide to make it happen then let not a woman, man, animal, corporation, university, government or anything stop you from completing that mission don't even let yourself stop you my friends.

Some of you are tired of working for someone else's dream and you not even being promoted or credited for what you bring to their company.

No more for those of you who want to earn each time you achieve you must go here read, watch, then sign up you will have your own business and earn what your deserve. 

Put your hard work into this great journey and you could find yourself earning a second income that surpasses the primary income you currently receive. 

Nurture this business and you could earn enough income to never need another job your entire life. 

Best of all you'll earn residual income each month. It's like doing the work one time and always being paid for it.

Many people in my business live that dream each day. I myself have earned income while sleeping.

Friends, the brave who do what others won't do live like others can't please be brave and you will find your dream is reality. 

I need you to go to these sites now. It's time you live life on your terms not on your bosses' terms.

Your new life. 
Then make the move today change your life. once here click join as affiliate it's 0.00 to join and worth it.

The time to act for justice, fairness, and what is right is now, and we must not ever retreat in these duties.
Albert Torcaso Second income consultant, earn extra income without killing yourself! 

Call me 
Live abundantly.

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