Saturday, September 24, 2016

We Can End The Killings Part 1

We Can End The Killings Part 1

We have seen far too many deaths from what really amounts to terrorism even from those who are supposed to Protect And Serve The American People Or The People Of Their Nation Wherever They Live On This Great Earth.

Our the Police Murderers? The answer is simply yes. 

There are some that are criminals with badges, yet they are not weeded out and or arrested when they are racist, sexist, brutal and worse.

They for far too long have been 
Protected By The Thin Blue Line.

You'll notice I have it highlighted in Red that is because the actions of the good, honest officers and law enforcement authorities Protect bad Officers, Chiefs, and the like.

In fact, their in-actions are allowing bad officers to even kill the innocent because of

This Thin Blue Line.

Harms all officers and law enforcement officials because the 
American People Know Of this Thin Blue Line.

Bad Cops, Murderous Cops make a bad impression on our entire nation and yet not only do We Have Great And Heroic Police Officers, Law Enforcement Officers

But In Fact, Fully Most Officers Are Heroic.

What must be done is to restore belief in the Police in all communities and with 
All Americans. 

This can only be done bye those who are the good cops, law enforcement officers. 

We must see an ending of The Thin Blue Line. 

You must start weeding out those you know to be violent, rule breakers attacking anyone without good cause and if there are shootings by all means release all videos, audios, written reports to the families of those harmed and also to the general public.

The media on the other hand even though I am in the media I do not see how sensationalizing it helps anyone as such find other means to inform the public.

Here are a group of Very Bad Officers whom are bad or murderers or other bad aspects 

of our nation's law enforcement agencies and police departments.

We see this happening right now in the latest shootings around 
The United States.

Now, let's show America and the world some Great, Kind And Heroic Police Officers.

Yes, My Fellow Americans,
There are thousands, tens of thousands of great officers, but it is time for them to demand an end to

The Thin Blue Line
That Hurts The Good Cops Reputation.

As for the attacks from the other terrorists and murderers we can also fix these problems and without firing one weapon big or small.

That part of this issue will be Part 2.

Albert Torcaso

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Share This, even if you never share anything else I have.

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Albert Torcaso

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