Thursday, September 29, 2016

How It Feels To Be Protected

How It Feels To Be Protected

                      Being Protected Is Great

This video will take you, through the cons and the pros of my 

Driver's Protection Roadside Assistance Company.

You, will hear the bad , the ugly and the good about this company as well as AAA




It's time you claim your abundance now.
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Play, Learn And Be Paid As A Video Gamer

Play Learn Be Paid As A Video Gamer

Professional Gamer For Living,

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

A Great Gamers Club. Play new games before the public, play in tournaments with cash prizes, be trained to be a great gamer and be paid to play.


Like Playing Video Games.

Learn how to earn a living playing video games.


Know anyone who plays video games?

Like Playing Overwatch?

Call Of Duty?



A Gamers Dream


Who We Are & What We Do:

We Pay, Train People to become Real Video Gamers or Help Those Who are already Gamers Improve to Participate in Tournaments, soon Leagues 

(Like the NFL & NBA . . . etc) and Live Pay Per View events seen Worldwide.

We also Pay people like me who are Not Gamers at all but are Business minded; to find Gamers or other Business minded people to Join our Exclusive Membership and tap into the 2.2 Trillion Dollar Video Gaming Industry.

Also this is NOT MLM but Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates: Each Member you invite who Joins Star Prime Gaming Pays you $20 Unlimited Weekly & Monthly for as long as they & you are members.

And Everyone THEY invite who Joins S. P. Gaming, not only will they be Paid $20 but You will be paid an Additional $20 Unlimited Weekly & Monthly for as long as they & you are members.

I know you want more information so call here

Call here Tuesday's and Thursdays at these times.


Time: 8:55 pm Eastern

7:55 pm

Central 6:55 pm Pacific

Phone Number:

(323) 920-0091

Code 1137248#

Here's the Website:


Become Gamers, be trained have fun and more!

Albert Torcaso


Like Playing Video Games.

Learn how to earn a living playing video games.


It's time you claim your abundance now.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Have A LOL Festival!

Have A LOL Festival!

You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Here you will enjoy, very Funny Skits and mocking some of the silly things people say,

Have a laugh out loud laugh fest!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Silly Phrases Pt 1

Silly Phrases Pt 1

It's real and no joke!

Silly Phrases Pt 1

I have always thought it was funny at all of the phrases we say as human beings and truthfully very silly!

Funny Phrases People Say

I covered then Senator Barack Obama's Pittsburgh, PA Campaign Event in 2008

One of the cameramen said he was going to take a leak.

Tune in laugh, howl and be ready to say you know that's crazy, but true.


Albert Torcaso

It's time you claim your abundance now.

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I Fight For All Americans And Indeed For Humanity

I Fight For All Americans 

And Indeed For Humanity

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Yes, I Like President Obama​, but I do not just give a pass to anyone on earth not even me so I would be careful of calling me a mouthpiece for anyone.

Why am I so much for President Hillary Clinton​

Because Trump could well let his ego start a war with another nation and cause a Nuclear War. And Because he is the bad aspects of humanity and we as a nation saw even more of that on Monday 9-27-2016.

I say again you claim yourself a person of faith yet, plan on voting for Trump

You Ma'am, You Sir, are in no way a person of faith for if he causes a WAR with a Nuclear Capable Nation and the world is BLOWN to bits!

You and each voter of Trump will be Guilty Of Causing 
The Lord Thy God's Creation to be Destroyed.

Trump is bad for America on so many levels, but it is indeed the 
Nuclear Weapons Issue that TRUMP'S All Other Issues

Facing America For If There is No World Left Then Nothing else Matters.

God Bless America. Let Hillary Clinton lead this great nation into a Prosperity no other President was able to achieve as of this time in 
American History

She will!.

Send her a Democratic Majority Senate and House. 

Let Only Moderate Republicans, Liberal Republicans, Moderate Democrats, Liberal Democrats Win Seats in the U.S. Congress and throw out all Conservatives of the Democratic And Republican Parties.

We, The People Of The United States Of America.

Must Finally Be Put First and We Must have All Americans Prosper By Outlawing All Lobbyists From All Sides!.

I am no Mouthpiece or would I have these links here?

Wake Up America, before we all regret it!

Vote For Hillary R. Clinton

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

Monday, September 26, 2016

America's Worst Nightmare Ever? I Pray That It Is Not

President Hillary R. Clinton.

America's Worst Nightmare Ever? 

I Pray That It Is Not

It's time you claim your abundance now.

My Fellow Americans, Ask Yourself These Questions.

If a person says they love getting even and revenge do you want them in control of the Nuclear 

Weapons Codes?

Even if a President Can't Force The Launching Of A Nuclear Weapon the country or countries that we are at WAR with could.

Do you want Our nation to be a nation that is perceived as racist, sexist, isolationist and no longer cares about the suffering of the innocent worldwide?

Do you believe in the principles of Our Great Nation That All Men Are Created Equal? 

All Women As well.

Do You Believe In America? Do you Believe In America

I say it twice for it is at the heart of who we have been and who we may become.

Do you really believe that America is not great?

Did you wake up today and was able to go where you wished without armed guards on the sidewalks or blocked streets?

Did you go in a bus, car, or vehicle and go where you had to or wanted to go without needing a passport or papers?

If you're young, older, of any sex, religion, pigmentation were you still able to have access to food if you were in need of it? 

Have you been thrown out of the soup kitchen?

We have many issues in America to be sure, but America and 
My Fellow Americans, America Is Still Great and she will become greater still.

She needs you, yes YOU!

We are a great nation, but we must act and Yes, I fully support 
Hillary Clinton​. 

She is correct for it is true that we are Stronger Together she has my vote.

But she nor Donald Trump 

Are the answer that all seem to hope for.

We must elect Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton to be sure, but We, The People, must start ethically, legally and peacefully taking back America one American at a time.

You want a better job? Fight for it. You Want a better House? Ethically, Peacefully fight for it.

America is still great!

We are Stronger Together, all Americans of all political parties and we must 
Keep America Great And Yet, Make Her Greater.

Hillary Clinton must be elected President Of The United States Of America. 

President Hillary R. Clinton.

And YOU, Yes, YOU Must become the American Heroes That I know That each of You Are.

America Is Great!

Albert Torcaso​

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

We Can End The Killings Part 1

We Can End The Killings Part 1

We have seen far too many deaths from what really amounts to terrorism even from those who are supposed to Protect And Serve The American People Or The People Of Their Nation Wherever They Live On This Great Earth.

Our the Police Murderers? The answer is simply yes. 

There are some that are criminals with badges, yet they are not weeded out and or arrested when they are racist, sexist, brutal and worse.

They for far too long have been 
Protected By The Thin Blue Line.

You'll notice I have it highlighted in Red that is because the actions of the good, honest officers and law enforcement authorities Protect bad Officers, Chiefs, and the like.

In fact, their in-actions are allowing bad officers to even kill the innocent because of

This Thin Blue Line.

Harms all officers and law enforcement officials because the 
American People Know Of this Thin Blue Line.

Bad Cops, Murderous Cops make a bad impression on our entire nation and yet not only do We Have Great And Heroic Police Officers, Law Enforcement Officers

But In Fact, Fully Most Officers Are Heroic.

What must be done is to restore belief in the Police in all communities and with 
All Americans. 

This can only be done bye those who are the good cops, law enforcement officers. 

We must see an ending of The Thin Blue Line. 

You must start weeding out those you know to be violent, rule breakers attacking anyone without good cause and if there are shootings by all means release all videos, audios, written reports to the families of those harmed and also to the general public.

The media on the other hand even though I am in the media I do not see how sensationalizing it helps anyone as such find other means to inform the public.

Here are a group of Very Bad Officers whom are bad or murderers or other bad aspects 

of our nation's law enforcement agencies and police departments.

We see this happening right now in the latest shootings around 
The United States.

Now, let's show America and the world some Great, Kind And Heroic Police Officers.

Yes, My Fellow Americans,
There are thousands, tens of thousands of great officers, but it is time for them to demand an end to

The Thin Blue Line
That Hurts The Good Cops Reputation.

As for the attacks from the other terrorists and murderers we can also fix these problems and without firing one weapon big or small.

That part of this issue will be Part 2.

Albert Torcaso

Yes, I Know I Am Cross Posting This Because

This Scam Can Harm You,

Or Those You Love.




If you receive any calls, texts, e-mail messages or anything from anyone It is a Scam.

Share This, even if you never share anything else I have.

This can cause serious issues in your life.

Do Not Answer Them,

Do Not Call Them,

Do Not Text Them.

Albert Torcaso

Friday, September 23, 2016

You Love Cats? Save Ours Please.

Pray, Share It And Donate Please

Baby Died A Few Years Ago Can you Guess From What? Yes, Cancer.

Help us change the Tragedy.

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

I am Albert Torcaso and Annette Mendel we are raising money to Save Our Cats Lives.

We have two wonderful Cats Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon Who May Have Cancer Due To Having Already Having a 900.00 vet bill we can't pay for their needed tests.

We ask for your help so that we can get them tested and have them receive the needed treatments.

I have videos of Lashona Moon and will soon add Precious Pumpkin

They were unwanted and uncared for before and we love our babies so please help.

And here

Lashona Moon 

I am Albert Torcaso. I do all that one can do to help other humans and animals this time however, We seek your help to save our cats from a Killer Called Cancer If It Is Indeed Cancer.

We need the funding as fast as possible as it is very important to treat them as soon as possible.

Any and all money will be used to get the tests done which may include X-rays, Blood work and even small surgeries to see what is in their mouths.

Our cats are everything to us in fact. One of my cats who died from that Killer Cancer.

Little Baby Girl Saved My Life.

I am a public access producer on Television the problem is we not only do not make a penny from our show.

We have to pay to create it. 

Every year we pay one hundred dollars just for a membership.

We are both disabled.
I have a serious heart condition and we are disabled with extremely low income less than 760 dollars a month to survive on after we pay the bills we have almost no income for anything else.

I am also a Podcaster, again no funding from it I am even a blogger and YouTube Creator with over 1054 videos.

Nothing has earned me a cent!

So, Depressed and upset with myself for not having the thousands of dollars to get her the Cancer treatment.

I told Little Baby Girl  I know you're real sick baby, but if you don't show me a sign I am giving up the series, the blog, everything since I can't save you.

I was never speaking about taking myself out just stopping all my media things that I do. I said I'm done!

I am giving up. Expecting she may open her eyes or wink at me to give me a sign she did so much more.

She used all her power to push herself to my hand and placed her hand (paw) in mine. 

I tried staying strong, but I cried like you would not expect me to do I cried like a new born baby.

What would it mean to me if you help us save 
Precious Pumpkin and Lashona Moon. 

It Would Mean everything to us and I would even interview each of you on my audio podcast about any subject that matters to you.

If there is any money left over I would donate it to help other animals. 

What would it mean to us to save their lives? 

Everything, everything it would mean the universe to

us and You Would Be Theirs And Our Super Heroes.

Albert Torcaso

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