Monday, September 26, 2016

America's Worst Nightmare Ever? I Pray That It Is Not

President Hillary R. Clinton.

America's Worst Nightmare Ever? 

I Pray That It Is Not

It's time you claim your abundance now.

My Fellow Americans, Ask Yourself These Questions.

If a person says they love getting even and revenge do you want them in control of the Nuclear 

Weapons Codes?

Even if a President Can't Force The Launching Of A Nuclear Weapon the country or countries that we are at WAR with could.

Do you want Our nation to be a nation that is perceived as racist, sexist, isolationist and no longer cares about the suffering of the innocent worldwide?

Do you believe in the principles of Our Great Nation That All Men Are Created Equal? 

All Women As well.

Do You Believe In America? Do you Believe In America

I say it twice for it is at the heart of who we have been and who we may become.

Do you really believe that America is not great?

Did you wake up today and was able to go where you wished without armed guards on the sidewalks or blocked streets?

Did you go in a bus, car, or vehicle and go where you had to or wanted to go without needing a passport or papers?

If you're young, older, of any sex, religion, pigmentation were you still able to have access to food if you were in need of it? 

Have you been thrown out of the soup kitchen?

We have many issues in America to be sure, but America and 
My Fellow Americans, America Is Still Great and she will become greater still.

She needs you, yes YOU!

We are a great nation, but we must act and Yes, I fully support 
Hillary Clinton​. 

She is correct for it is true that we are Stronger Together she has my vote.

But she nor Donald Trump 

Are the answer that all seem to hope for.

We must elect Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton to be sure, but We, The People, must start ethically, legally and peacefully taking back America one American at a time.

You want a better job? Fight for it. You Want a better House? Ethically, Peacefully fight for it.

America is still great!

We are Stronger Together, all Americans of all political parties and we must 
Keep America Great And Yet, Make Her Greater.

Hillary Clinton must be elected President Of The United States Of America. 

President Hillary R. Clinton.

And YOU, Yes, YOU Must become the American Heroes That I know That each of You Are.

America Is Great!

Albert Torcaso​

Copyright 2004 - 2016 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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