12 September 2017

9-11-2017 I did This!

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

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I shot this video outside yesterday evening September 11, 2017.

Most of the time I never reveal my location, yet last night I revealed exactly where I was and Let Terrorists Of Earth Know That They Will Never Fighten Me.

I addressed the known groups and let them know that We Americans Will Never Cower To Them.

That there are those of us who would never run and hide.


I let them know that they have been defeated to the point that there are even Americans so caught up in their daily lives that they forgot what day it was.

While I do not believe anyone should forget that horrible day and many months I do believe it shows just how Resilient Americans and the World's Free People Are.

Yes, in many ways Americans are no longer free, yet at least we have no armed streets yet, no martial law yet.

Americans do need to watch Our Own Government And Make Them Change.

We Will Do So Legally, Ethically, Peacefully And Financially.

For Now, We stand United All Americans In Saying To Those Who Would Harm Us.



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