17 September 2017

Are Americans Free 1

Are Americans Free 

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I Pose A Very Probing Question That All Americans Should Ask, 

Are Americans USA Free?

Join me in this journey and ask your friends, family, schools, houses of worship, scholars to think and debate this question from each perspective that I mention in this series and your own perspective of it.

One must truly remember that if one chooses to obey the laws that in and of itself still means that one is not free in as much as the laws were made by the few and not for all Americans.

Which one must wonder why we have no hearsay in the matter.

We must demand a new Constitutional Convention and 

testimony must be heard, read by Millions Of Americans.

Does Old Glory Our United States Flag Mean Anything To You?

Will You Really Stand For Freedom And Liberty?

Or Is It Only A Song To You?

It Is A Way Of Life For Me, How About You?

Do These Men And Women Who Have 

Fought And Died Or Fought And Lived 


Freedom Matter To You?

They Do To Me

We Must Also Fight For America Though We Do It.

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