18 September 2017

Ever Been Stranded

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

UPDATED 9-18-2017

Contact me for Information on any business that I have been in or that I am in.

I No Longer Own the Uneedneedroadise.com or Youneedroadside.com Domain Names.

Yes, I am still in MCA and needed to use them two days ago. 9-16-2017.

 I was towed for free about 50 miles from my home.

This company provides unlimited service calls and up to 100 free miles of towing per call. They have many great benefits.

The Marines Are Looking For A Few 


I am Looking for a few good women and men who are or will become great leaders.

Are you going to answer the call? Together we will live in abundance as well as help others to do the same! 

Join me and become a hero again.
Now, stop waiting to have an abundance filled life, get to

I can still get you the service and you can still benefit in many ways.


Join up for your driver protection plan and start earning a chance at 80 dollar commissions today. Do it this very second.

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