Saturday, September 23, 2017

See It Differently

See It Differently

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

I filmed A Series Of These Videos In 2008 I hope that you feel the spirit of my intentions and M

My Belief In You, And In America

See It Differently

In 2006 I filed an Episode Yes We Can
Less than two years later Senator Barack Obama used it and won the Presidency.

I'm a humble American and no psychic, but I do happen to know the future sometimes before the DC or other people do.

This is now Feb -26-2016 and to think President Barack Obama won twice and has greatly helped the America People!

Now, My Fellow Americans I am in a business that is a revolution and I want you to score a huge income! It will take work, it will cause some tears maybe, but if you will just believe you will win!!!

My Fellow Americans and fellow human beings around the world I'm Albert Torcaso, an American, a creator, producer-director, videographer, photographer, writer, and host of 

Humanity Matters. My co-hosts are Lenell Jones III and my dad,
Albert Goldsmith. 

On April -10 - 2008 (dad?s birthday) I was out and about while doing my daily missions. 

I thought why not give some hope to my fellow Americans and a message that it will be okay? 

Then one had to figure where do you go for such a vital message to one?s country? There were so many great places one can go so where to go? 

Then like a stone thrown at me, it hit me go to a local cemetery! 

Why there? For that answer you?ll need to watch this show and you will understand completely. 

This show is filled with ideas that can help all Americans get back on their feet. 

No, I don't have money tips or stock tips I have much more than that. I speak about us, the us who we are now and the U.S we once were.

I speak about how we can unite and defeat the recession or any roadblock. 

One who cares about the whole and not just the self. 

Truly can attempt to help bring back hope and if Americans get back hope and then decide on the path of success then it won't be long before all Americans will regain all that we have lost. If you don?t think America can get back on her feet you are wrong, therefore, it is vital that you and all the people you know watch some or all of this show and each clip for this show is for all who want success again and for all patriotic Americans.

Albert Torcaso

Copyright 2004 - 2017 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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