21 September 2017

We Don't Honor Terrorists

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We Don't Celebrate Terrorism.

Many Americans have forgotten that for far too long we have been honoring terrorism and claiming it as part of our history as the reason for honoring it.

Yes, we somehow think that just because people fought hard and were brave that somehow that is acceptable.

The Nazis and many nations that were attempting to enslave others or take over the World fought bravely and hard.

Are we to honor them?

Let me be Clear If We Honor The Confederacy We Honor Terrorism and Hatred. It is Not A Matter Of Anything Else Other Than Terrorism.

These men may have been brave in their efforts, yet they were fighting for the enslavement of other human beings.

They can claim states rights, yet they wanted to keep enslaving an entire group of people it was in the end about their economy which in many ways was dependent on the slavery of others and even to this day in the South and in truth in Most Of America.

Non-white citizens are mistreated, abused, profiled, Murdered, underpaid, and more.

Is this the America We Want The World To See? 

Let Us Change And Tear Down All Memories Of That Tragic And Evil Time In America.



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