14 January 2018

A Massive Loss Of Compassion

It's time you claim your abundance now.

A Massive Loss Of Compassion

A Massive Loss Of Compassion

The State Of Kentucky Now Requires People Who Receive Medicaid To Work.

That Means If You Can't Find Work Or You Have An Illness that the state may not consider to be disabling You May Lose Your Medical Care.

That means that over one hundred thousand people are at risk of losing their medical care.

We Must Stop These Acts Of Betrayal Of Our Fellow Americans, Our Fellow Citizens And Instead of being upset about higher taxes on Any American who earns less than 80,000 dollars we must legally fight back to change this nation for the better.

We Fight By Saving 50 dollars or more for every pay period.

Buy a safe, lock box or find a place that no one knows about and save at least 2,400 dollars a year.

Take it out of America's Economy!

Watch how fast Every Member Of Congress From Both Parties Get Scared Out Of Their Minds. Without Americans Spending That Money The Banks Suffer! The Elite Wealthy Suffer! Every Corporation That Does Business In America Suffers!

And Americans Will Suffer As Well, For A Small Amount Of Time Then!

Comes The Great Revolution Of Freedom In America, Of Financial Freedom, Debt Freedom and More!

How? They Will Do What We Ask Of Them Because All Of Them.

The Richest Person On Earth The Governments Of Earth They All Depend On Our Money To Survive And Have An Economy.

Meaning When We Spend Billions Of Dollars Less They Will Yield And Do What Is Right, Just, Honest And Fair.

No More Will 13 Million or More Americans Face No Health Care.

No More Will Millions Of Americans Be Homeless And Hungry!

The Answer To Great Change Is Ethically, Legally, Peacefully And Financially Making Those Who Abuse And Exploit Us Change Their Actions.

Can We Do This?



You're At Risk Of Losing Your healthcare coverage.

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