Saturday, January 27, 2018

Happy Birthday Here's My Gift

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Happy Birthday Here's My Gift 

 It's time you claim your abundance now.

Happy Birthday Here's My Gift 

I shot this on my Birthday and I was on Facebook Live, but was kicked off because of a slow connection.

I wanted to inspire all who were listening and those who will listen, so when I was kicked off I took the next step and setup my video camera and went on to create the video that you now watch.

I implore all of you from ages 14 to 199 years old if you were that blessed to live that long.

I implore you to watch every second of this video.

Bookmark it, but do not miss a second because what I share with you may well change lives.

Consider this fact I was stopped from doing the Facebook Live, yet I overcame the obstacle.

Life is hard, family and many others are hard, they may put you down.

I say You're Able To Prosper and I Know That The Genius In You is Waiting To Come Out.

Act And Live Abundantly.

There is a personal message for Nora Parker Cater,  George Goroncy and Leta Gatlin.

I Believe In You And In Your Dreams.

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