18 January 2018

Live Each Breath

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Live Each Breath

Let me ask you a question do you ever think about the fact that you're breathing?

Ever think about the fact that you're alive this very moment?

I ask you for this minute to STOP EVERYTHING!

The video here, this text posting.

Just Stop everything right now and Think That Right Now You're Alive And Breathing!

You have such a great blessing and gift. 

Think about all the people you once knew who are dead and NOT BREATHING!

You Are!

Take a minute and take a deep breath and feel it, really feel it.

Now, ask yourself how does it feel? 

Are you going from now on Live Each Breath?

Will you Act With Compassion In All That You Do?

What If God by any name were to show you that indeed God is real and God asked you what are you doing with the life I blessed you with What Could You Say?

What would you reply if God asked you why have you not lived your dreams?

Why were you nasty towards the people who were homeless?

Why were you mean to the wife, husband or anyone?

What if God asked you why did you not believe that Indeed God Is?

And if God said this will be your last breath ever what would you say or do?

What if God told you that You Were Always Loved And Protected?

What if God was to Give You More Time To Live And Live Your Dream What Would You Do?

I Say Unto Each Of You Live Each Day, Live Each Breath.

Albert Torcaso a Follower Of 

The Lord Thy God, 

Jesus Christ, 

The Holy Spirit 

A person

Who Loves Each Of You And Wants All Seven Billion Plus Souls To Know They Are Loved And To Live Each Breath.


You're Worth Shouting About!

Copyright 2004 - 2018 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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