Tuesday, March 27, 2018

An Unexpected Pioneer Once More 3-6-2018

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

An Unexpected Pioneer Once More 3-6-2018

We could not make it to the studio on March 6, 2018.

At which point I thought the episode must go on.

I and John B. over at the station attempted something that up to this point has never been attempted by any other producer at the station.

We decided to attempt a Live from my home to the studio broadcast and to make it even more of a challenge via Skype!

At that point, I had to come up with a type of set as you shall learn during this episode it was creative, original and a bit wild.

In the actual episode, I addressed the recent school shootings and what steps can be taken to reduce these tragic events.

One even outlined a four-part approach that may well save lives.

We need you to rise up legally and demand action.

We need to protect All Americans! Surely we will save 
America's Children, won't we?

Won't you?

Humanity Matters Common Sense Gun Control 

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Make No Mistake

It's time you claim your abundance now

Make No Mistake I am going through some major tough times and I will share much of it with you. 

That said, to understand this I am done with the way things have been and with mine and anyone on earth's limits and excuses.

Being blunt do you really have time to be working a slave or servants or time killing job just to survive in our world?

I say No! We could DIE the Next Second And So many of us sit around and wait to Move!

We Wait To Chance Failing And In so Doing We Fail By Not Trying!



You live only once and you have no idea the date, or second of your death!

LIVE! Get out there and start living your dream right now.

You think that Bill Gates had Microsoft be a success right away? No, in fact, almost everyone who has made it failed many times and still fails in other ventures or dreams.


Listen I have a podcast coming up in five minutes as I write this at 8:40 pm Est Time 


I will continue this post right after the podcast.

It is now 10:50 pm Est Time I have finished a very long day of taking care of things as well as an hour-long podcast.

Yet, I have not stopped as I am writing this post and will be doing a Facebook Live Session As Well.

This is the reason. I do not know what you will or not do and accept in life, but I am done with accepting anything less than Greatness Through The Grace And Blessings Of God.

I am willing to work smarter, learn and apply more and in fact 
Think And Grow Rich.

Are you?

If you're not then my friends as much as I care about you I would be wrong to not be honest with you. Without a change in mindset and in actions, you won't live that dream.

I need you, Yes, Need You! To Live Your Dreams!

Why your dreams matter to me.

You want it straight? I have been so close to death and have lived with so little for so long that I said NO! NO! NO MORE!

Now I say we have the skills, the dreams, but why do we not do it?

Why? We allow ourselves to be controlled by others and by circumstances.

We must understand that we indeed can succeed, will succeed when we decide that we will not allow anything but success.

You know we could pass away at any second, please start taking action this very second for your success, your passion, and your dreams.

Last night my girlfriend was taking out her packages and food from our vehicle and she was almost killed by a speeding driver. 

Now our vehicle is damaged this is the point. Every second good and bad things happen to good people. 

Live Now Act Now and be prosperous.


Copyright 2004 - 2018 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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