26 July 2018

How Video Games Change Lives

It's time you claim your abundance now. 


Many millions of people are now playing video games and of course we can speak about the many aspects and perspectives of playing videos games, yet there is one that is most important of all.

Playing videos games in moderation has now been show to improve the lives of older adults who have brain related disease. 

Indeed conduct a serch on any search engine and you willfind many articles and now case studies arounfd the world, in fact, there are even senior citizen video game playing teams. I strongly that you start playing video games if you are forty years old to 180 yerars old.

Yes, I get the lightheartedness of the one hundred and eighty years old number, yet with science that may one day be a reality. In saying that age I am urging people of all ages to play at least an hour or more per week of video games.

Rather than me placing a link to anyone article I would highily encourage you to look up the matter and conduct you're own research.

What I am writing about may make you think twice about a video gaming club.

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