25 August 2018

Don't Be SOLD Out!

It's time you claim your abundance now.
Sometimes we are betrayed by the very people that we believe to be our friends or family, sometimes they are more than willing to Sell You Out.

Sometimes it is shocking to learn who has secretly been attacking you or directing others to do so, but even as it may shock you it is a reality.
In this message I want you to understand that indeed one must be careful with whom they befriend and they must also realize that they may, in fact, misjudge others who really had your best interest at heart.
You see even though many millions of people do not believe in God or a higher power or that it is evil in this world the fact remains that indeed there is evil in this world.

Many times it can even come from family, so-called friends, co-workers, employers or just about anyone.
We must look for the goodness in everything and everyone, yet we must also be ready for everything that can happen.
If you're trying to make changes in your life or in the lives of others many times those who would for whatever reason like things to stay as they are many times these people will do everything possible to destroy what you have or are creating.

I ask you to be Courageous and to not let any form of EVIL keep you from Being The Light And Successful Person That You Are.

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