Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thoughts On Chewy Dot Com

It's time you claim your abundance now. 

Message To The Entire Chewy Dot Com Family 

Wise Brave 

 Please Pray for Our Wonderful, Loving Cat Wise Brave Torcaso who has Cancer and the vet said even if the money were there it would only give him a few months more.

We will not allow our Fur Child to Suffer We Love Our Wise Brave Torcaso.

Please Pray For A Massive Miracle And Blessing That He May Be Healed.

Love Annette and Albert 
To the CEO of Chewy Dot Com,

About a month ago I created a rather wild and truthful review of Chewy Dot Com and all of your employees.

In it, I spoke about a one-time distribution of at least one thousand Kudos for every member of Chewy.

Almost all of your employees think that I am joking I assure you that I am not.

There have been many corporations that one has done business with and one corporation that if It were possible I would leave at once.

Our insurance carrier did not fight for us even though Annette the girlfriend was almost hit and exterminated by a speeding, hit and run cited driver.

Even though the police cited him and he had left the scene as well as speeding his insurance company. 

Named after a famous lake that is partly in PA and had E__e as the first letter.

Denied her claim (I know it is insane.)

Our Insurer that starts with the letter N__________e and who's advertisements claim they are 
On Your Side. 

Don't believe it, just do not believe it. 

My insurer would receive a score of minus ten thousand if there were such a scale. 

In truth, they receive a 1 the lowest possible score.

Your employees and company are on the other spectrum.

I would give Chewy Dot Com 
A score of ten thousand plus was it possible.

As it is only a scale from 1-5 the entire team all them from Hollywood, Florida to Dallas, Texas all of them receive a 5 out of five.

Therefore, I would Love for the CEO, Board Of Directors, Leaders, Department heads and the like to either have a one time gift of 1,000 Kudos to all Chewy Dot Com employees no matter their position in the company.

Further, one believes that you and your investors, founders, the board of directors and anyone who would be part of this historic decision must decide to have a once in a lifetime gift giving 

Chewy Dot Com Day!

Let every employee pick the one item they want most of all and be they have ten Kudos or be they have sixty-four thousand Kudos hand them the watches.

Apple Watch.
Fit Bits

Or whatever there is that they are saving for.

Yes, I say do it because your company is my favorite one in all of 

The United States Of America and in truth, my favorite on Earth.

Roll Out The Kudos and by the way, Founders, CEO, Board Of Directors give yourself a gift for creating a FANTASTIC Place for pet parents to shop.

Give yourself KUDOS! 


Coming Soon!

Not yelling at any of you.

You're part of our extended family.

We Love all of you on a very spiritual level.



Btw, look up  Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock's old shows and you will understand the wild comments.

Do you know anyone struggling with health issues or who needs a little extra energy? 

Share this with them. 

Copyright 2004 - 2019 Albert Torcaso All Rights Reserved.

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